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    Hi All,

    I went primal for about 3 weeks. I found that I had better energy, didn't wake up as tired anymore and I liked what I was eating. I really didn't miss the carbs and I lowered them to about 50/day. Then...I got tired of it. Maybe it was because I was literally eating the same thing over and over and over again. Maybe it was because when my boyfriend would take me out to dinner, I'd sit there over-analyzing the menu and wondering "Can I have that?" and it just got frustrating. It started when I had an organic chemistry exam, and I came home SUPER hungry and late at night (my exams are in the evenings). I was out of eggs. I was out of greens to make myself a smoothie. I wasn't in the mood for a banana unless I had almonds (which I didn't have) because eating the fruit without protein makes my blood sugar go up. Honestly, I was at a point where I would just eat anything - so, I grabbed a granola bar. At first, I was relieved, then I was depressed. So the next day, I vowed I wouldn't do that again..but I did. And now I've strayed for about a week and a half from the primal way of life.

    I'm going to Whole Foods in a little while, and need to stock up.
    Any pointers on avoiding redundancy in meals? It's tough being a student and working a full time job, and preparation (I know) is key. I just need anything easy, and maybe just some words of encouragement. I'm pretty bummed that I lost about 8 pounds during that three weeks, and now I'm scared to weigh myself.


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    Try to diversify for sure. If you are eating the same thing over and over, it will get boring. I have been eating lots of salmon and getting bored with it. I made a primal tartar sauce yesterday that totally changed my salmon experience I also Different spices, different seasonings, a sauce of some kind can liven up your roasted chicken. Different vegetables in your omelet...Try a new vegetable a week; pick up an exotic fruit. It takes some work and research but variety really is the spice of life!
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      Hey Heather-don't beat yourself up, just jump back on. I have been primal for 6 weeks and cannot get my family involved so I am always cooking three different meals but what I find easy is I buy small packages of chicken tenders (just about a lb. or under) free range and whatever else they have to be. I put some coconut oil in pan and brown them on both sides and add Franks red hot sauce for buffalo chicken and I will eat them like that or a few on top of salad and save some for next day. I will also add mushrooms and coconut milk once chicken is browned and add some tarragon and that's delish. My sister just made a meatloaf with lamb, feta, oregano and red onion which was also delish. I get that you don't want to do that late night after an exam, but when you get a chance, brown up a bunch of chicken and then add sauce when you reheat and can last you for a few lunches! Good luck, Maura


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        Hey Heather,

        I just wanted to reiterate what Moey said - stick with it. I've fallen off the wagon countless times (this time and in prior attempts at low-carbish eating), but of late, it's become easier and easier to get back on. I think what's made me keep at it is the length of time between falls. When enough time passes between slip ups, you start to really FEEL when you do. I mean, headaches. Clogged sinuses. Generally feel like I've been hit by a bus. That feeling alone has become a deterrent against putting non-Primal things in my mouth. I know it won't be worth it.

        Also, TornadoGirl is right too. Experiment. Pick up random veggies. But I'd also add that you should have a sort of food contingency plan for those nights that you just don't feel like cooking. Keep a lot of eggs handy. Bacon. Meat that cooks quickly. Maybe don't keep a lot of fruit in the house because when the urge to fall of the wagon or binge (this is what I used to do) hits, you might go straight for the sugar. Point is, have Primal stuff everywhere and nothing else. Oh, a great thing I found at Whole Foods is organic creamed coconut. Eat it when you want something sweet. It has killed many a sugar/food craving when I'm too busy to eat/out of food at my work for the day.

        I work a full time job, run a start-up and take night classes twice a week. The key is eating well on the kind of schedule you and I have is twofold, I think: 1) cook A BUNCH of food at once when you have the time and portion it out; and 2) keep really quick-cooking stuff handy, as I mentioned before. And recognize that when you keep these kind of hours and keep eating a SAD diet on top of it, you're really not doing yourself any favors.

        I hope this helps,
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          Hey Heather, you have been doing great and the wonderful thing is this way gets easier and easier to stick to as time goes by. Remember, too, that 80% is "good enough", you don't have to do this perfectly. Lots of great advice in the messages above. Keep up the good work.
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            In the same boat here- I was primal for 3 months, the past few weeks I have been going carb-crazy. But the past 2 days I've been trying to get back to Primal. I feel like crap eating CW. I'm tired, bloated, my gas is back, and I'm a couple pounds. I just haven't had much willpower or energy lately and so I fell back on my quick and easy CW meals instead of taking the time to prepare a proper meal.
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              Hey Heather,
              You're not alone! Remember this is a lifestyle and it takes time to change. We all fall and scrape our Primal knees.........some of us may poke our eye out with a twig....or twist an ankle...........the most important thing is you get back up and keep going forward Aim for perfection and at the same time accept the fact that you won't be perfect (no one is) but what you will achieve is progress......and progress is growth.......

              I did a primal face plant about 4 weeks drunk and scarfed down a McFlurry and a small fry

              I've been at this for 6 weeks (was a "clean eater for years, grain free) and I have been now I need to adjust my portion sizes.....I've put a little fluff on my back side in the last 6 weeks, jeans are feeling honey moon with giant Primal Portions needs to come to an abrupt halt!

              For variety maybe start looking at the "Recipe" forum or checking out some Primal or Paleo web pages........there are so many resources out there.

              What was your diet like before and what favorites are you missing?