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The American Heart Association: Who are these people?

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    Sadly I was fooled by the heart logo and its accompaning bad science. Stupidly thought the AHA was a group of serious cardiologists in white coats who did serious science- after all; they were published in Parade magazine; and well; they had that serious looking logo that was printed on products. Ate my whole grains; and low fat pizza for years; and just skyrocketed the insulin which led to type 2 diabetes.


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      Originally posted by janie View Post
      A very smart man told me once that the American Cancer Society was not about curing cancer but about the perpetuation of the American Cancer Society. If they cured cancer, they'd be out of a job.

      I think the same is true of AHA. I mean, if people ignored their guidelines and ate properly, incidents of heart disease would likely plummet. Add that to the profit from selling their little logo and you can see that they do not have your best interest at heart (pun intended).
      As someone once said, "a cured patient is a lost customer".
      AKA: Texas Grok

      Originally posted by texas.grok
      Facebook is to intelligence what a black hole is to light


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        Originally posted by Silvergirl View Post
        When cooking pasta, skip the salt in the cooking water.
        So you can add far more later. Brilliant! (people who clearly don't cook, should not be giving advice on cooking)

        Know what typically has a bunch of salt? Bread.


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          couldn't help myself.