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TOM and wheat cravings

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    A little off-topic, but...

    Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
    This article makes some sense of it, but I didn't check out her credentials: Decode Your Cravings | Holistic Nutrition Bytes--San Francisco Nutrition Consultation
    Thank you! It makes more than 'some sense', actually.
    Coincidently enough, I've been thinking in a correlation between hormonal cycle and cravings for sweet food in the past few months. Now I think it is clear: a couple of days before my period arrival I tend to have one or more binge episodes, with perhaps a tendency towards... chocolate with nuts.

    And then, of course, these episodes were seen as "failure", faded the will and hope to get to the so-desired healthy balance, and, in addiction to the addictive power itself of some of the eaten foods... well, I think it's understandable why for some of us it is so hard to not "fall off the wagon" for not much longer than a couple of months, or so.
    Good to realise! Way to go, there's a nice and long journey ahead...
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      I'm in that TOM right now...and made sme gluten free gingerbread today that did the trick. I hate resorting back to grains at this time, even gluten free, but potatoes weren't cutting it either! I did make a nice chuck roast tonight as well to try and get in more iron and used blackstrap molasses for my gingerbread
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