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Question regarding bedding

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  • Question regarding bedding

    I've done a little looking around and haven't found a definitive answer to this question. When we talk about sleep and our bedding, we're usually referring to the comfort/ergonomic level of the bedding, but that is not my concern at the moment.

    How often should a person wash their bedding? (i.e. sheets, pillow cases, etc.)

    The reason I ask this, is through the transition to primal living there is a fairly large emphasis on allowing bacteria back into your life to help strengthen your immune system among other benefits.

    Modern thinking says wash bedding once a week to keep the nasty germs and body waste in check. If you do some searching you may find statistics about mattresses doubling in weight from bacteria and body waste accumulation.

    Any research/ideas about this, or am I way in left field with my thoughts?