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  • Swimming against the tide!

    Been a long while since I logged into the Forums!

    Just wondering if anyone out there has been Primal a number of years (for me 3.5) and suddenly feels like all this swimming against (the conventional wisdom) tide is actually really tiring?

    My eating has slipped, not in a big way - mostly eating more than I need, and mainly not into the realms of wheat, (the occasional transgression) but enough to gain 4-5 kg (9-11 lbs), the training's slipped too with a lack of enthusiasm and a weariness trying to go 'against' the flow that's all around you. Where once I used to delight in being different now another comment about my Vibrams and I think I might cry!

    So what do you do when it just all seems like too much effort?
    Seeking the natural way in a modern world ...

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    Hi hi.

    You do what you did - you come here for encouragement.

    How do you feel? I know gaining weight sucks, but it's just a little, and you know how to take it off.

    Re: Wheat. Take some bread and put it in a glass of water - just enough to fully saturate the bread. Wait a little while. See that goo in the glass? Neat. Now you can wallpaper something. LOL You don't want to eat wallpaper glue, right?

    Re: Vibram comments. While I realize that those of us in the US can be anywhere from in-your-face to downright rude, I'm sure there's a nice way to tell someone to Eff-off. Something like, "Wouldn't it be rude if I called your footwear ugly?" or something more clever.

    Change something up. Do you exercise outdoors all the time? Maybe sign up for a yoga class. Or a once a week personal trainer session. Always indoors? Find a pretty park in which to take walks. Find a large museum, zoo, aquarium to walk around in - it still counts as a walk and you may actually be on your feet longer than if it was just an exercise walk. Have you gotten into a rut food wise? Treat yourself to something decadently primal. Maybe something you've never before tried - either a specific food or a new recipe. Find other primals/paleos in your area and organize a small picnic or even just a coffee klatsch.

    Speak up. Tell "friends" and family that when they discourage you by making disparaging remarks, they are basically steering you away from what you think is a healthy lifestyle.

    Come here. Post in the Gripe of the Day thread. Feel good about being Primal by posting in the You Know You're Primal When thread. Read the blog. Read people's journals. Get re-inspired.

    The road to success often isn't straight. There are some ruts, twists, and bumps.
    "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


    Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


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      There are minimalist shoes that aren't Vibrams.

      Plenty of CW diet foods are also primal, just not most.

      it's not that hard. Don't overthink it. What's "against the flow" of working out?

      What's the problem?


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        Hi Kelda! (waving)

        Don't be the only one you know. Be the local expert.

        Start a Primal support group! Or give talks on the Paleo/Primal diet at the local leisure centre.

        You are on the cutting-edge, but certainly not the only one out there--you will find others who need support, too!

        I lived in NE Scotland for 7 years & know how challenging it can be in that culture, but I also know how hungry some folks are to feel healthy & they certainly aren't getting help from the NHS, diet-wise!
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          Come to California. I can guarantee you most people are way more weird than you.
          Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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            Hello Dragonfly, been a while (waving back x)! Didn't know you'd lived in NE Scotland :-)

            We do have a burgeoning ancestral-style system within Highlands NHS called The Well Programme, based on Weston Price. So progress for the 'masses' so to speak. I'm well outwith the NHS to be fair and Highlands isn't my region but thought you'd be pleased to hear it!

            I have walked the 'local expert' route but the populace is pretty small here - (Moray)! I don't want to be the expert anymore I guess; got to the point where my brain 'hurt' with it all. As soon as I appeared in the gym a few pounds heavier there were comments about Primal failing!!! You can't win in a small community if you're 'known'!

            Hi CradlingaLion - I love my Vibrams (!), it was more the point that I'd like to go about my life now just doing what I do rather than constantly having my differences pointed out I guess!

            JoanieL - I was thinking about that just this morning - what could I say that would work! It is amazing how people feel they can make a personal comment! Usually it's staring and people nudging each other which is best ignored. Mostly what people say isn't negative, it's just embarrassing/wearing constantly having people then turn around and look.

            One of the bigger issues is most likely it being the end of the winter period (one hopes it's the end!). As Dragonfly may recall the days here get mighty short finishing at just 6 hours long mid December so by February you really do feel like it's been a long haul even though the days are lengthening.

            sbhikes - Californian sunshine would certainly make a difference!

            Personal motivation is my problem at the moment - I know how bad wheat is and haven't eaten bread in years (it's the occasional fish and chips in a flour-based batter and the odd cake where the wheat has crept in). Emotional stress with multiple house-moving and parenting issues have loaded me in the last year (and becoming a grandmother unexpectedly) that seems to have worn down my resolve!

            I have stayed with swimming through the Winter so not lost all fitness. The weight isn't a lot in the scheme of things and at 135 lbs I'm not exactly overweight, I know that! But it's a reminder that I'm not brimming with energy and the joy of life that I was.

            Coming from an IM racing background (at a high level) and being a personal trainer does mean I do have loads of exercise knowledge - it's finding the willpower to get back to a Primal regime that inspires me (without becoming an obsessive again!).

            I have been doing Yoga for the last couple of years which is fantastic along with taiji and qigong.

            Thanks for listening!

            I need to boot myself up the backside basically!

            Seeking the natural way in a modern world ...


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              Well, if you change your mind about being an expert, Moray could really use one!

              The not-so-middle-of-the-road Findhorn Foundation community ( where I lived- so not NE after all? ) may be open to a talk on "Ancestral eating", though there are certainly far too many vegetarians there, lol! They could also use someone talking to them about Vitamin D. My best friend, Saille Mawson lives there and could connect you, if you are so inclined.
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                Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
                Come to California. I can guarantee you most people are way more weird than you.

                Oh yeah. It's easy to be paleo here. Vibrams are cool and restaurants serve lettuce wrapped grass fed burgers without a comment.

                BTW, Kelda, it's nice to see you. Where ya been hiding?


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                  Ah Paleobird! Nice to see you too!

                  Never stopped reading the blog but dropped out of forum-land whilst I negotiated some 'life situations'!!

                  Dragonfly; very small world - I live 2 miles from there at Kinloss (former RAF base, now UK Army) just seeing out my hubby's last 6 months in the Air Force!

                  Waaaaaaay too many veggies at FF! They need meat and sunlight like you wouldn't believe, but I'd be stoned within an inch of my life there for suggesting otherwise (and yes stoned in a variety of senses no doubt given it's Findhorn)!

                  Seriously though, I've spread the word as much as I can (and am willing to) and now just want to get on with my own thing for the time being; get myself back on the truly Grok path again, learning to enjoy life.

                  Have done a ton of inner work through yoga and qigong combined with Chinese acupuncture (stems and branches) in the last 18 months. This all neatly brings me back round to working with what you have and our evolution. Time to get serious again with a whole new understanding of where the Primal lifestyle fits.

                  I guess it was reading Mark's post yesterday just as I've come back up blinking into the light that really made me realize how sometimes it's just plain hard work always seeming to be swimming against the tide. I was curious if other longer term Primalists had had that feeling after the initial 'aha' moments and 'Primal euphoria' faded.
                  Seeking the natural way in a modern world ...