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    A couple of weeks ago, while out with my family (my parents, siblings and husband), I met another primal person. The reason it was weird is because we were at a Japanese steakhouse. My family was trying to talk me into eating things that would make my tummy hurt and right across the table the same thing was happening to this guy. His wife was going on about how restrictive it was and that he should eat everything because they were out. She even apologized for his eating habits. I piped up and said I ate that way too and it was nice for someone to have my back at dinner. We talk across the table about it and honestly having someone else made it way easier to deal with my parents and my family. Best part is he actually got my husband to follow primal with me. I believe there is solace in numbers. Now having my husband doing primal with me I don't feel as pressured (he has lost nine pounds!!!!). Has anyone else found that having people who eat like you help in maintaining primal and if not how do you find the inner strength to deal with the constant nic-picking?

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    Never hurts to have back when you are outnumbered and surrounded and shit.

    LOL that being said, there are a lot of people that take my side in an argument and do me no favors by doing so.
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    Jack london, "Before Adam"


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      I have a group of friends that meet for a Game Night once a month. The snacks always used to be all about the cookies, cakes, pretzels and wine. Lately, through my influence, several people have shifted to paleo to one degree or another. One also found out that she is gluten intolerant.

      Now there are meatballs, sausages, cheese, veggie sticks, Pelegrino water, and dark chocolate. We still have just as much fun.


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        Since I've gone primal, several of my friends have as well after witnessing my results. It seems like there are primal groups everywhere these days. I'm part of several groups on Facebook and of course Crossfit gyms promote Paleo routinely. When I go to restaurants and give them specific alterations to the menu they act like it happens all the time. Seems like we are beginning to have some impact.
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          My boyfriend supports me fully, as I cook wonderful foods for him at home, and it would hurt me to eat gluten. But I would never expect him to adhere to the diet when we are eating out. That is his choice, and he is able to eat things that I can't and don't keep at home.


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            My sister is lucky enough to work with several primal women. She works in a very... erm... progressive town. Many folks there are either vegan/vegetarian or primal/paleo. I have no one but my sister. My parents think it's bunk. I work in a bakery and they all eat the extra treats and offer them to me even though I've told them I'm allergic to gluten. I dunno. I wish I had more support.
            The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


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              I found if i'm out to eat, I just pretend that I have a food allergy- easier for me to explain to a server or people who don't know about my "caveman eating", as I like to call it. Also, I have a few places the husband & I frequent, and they know exactly how we like the food, we're at the point where we don't even need to order anymore, they see us come in and they just start getting it ready!

              Canuck416- Nice to see a local on here, I'm from Santa Rosa!


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                It would be nice to have more support. I am gluten intolerant so it is easier to say I have allergies since its true. My sister thinks I am crazy. That's why I come to MDA.
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