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TFC's Simple, Concise Guide to being Primally Great

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  • TFC's Simple, Concise Guide to being Primally Great

    I think if everyone did these things the world would be a simpler, happier, better place: it's mostly the PB.

    1. Reduce the time between the first time you eat during the day and the last time.
    2. Do not snack in between meals.
    3. Eliminate calories from liquids and fluids.
    4. Eat a paleolythic diet of varied, nutritious and delicious foods that is skewed more towards proteins and fats than carbohydrates. Emphasize consuming the most nutritionally dense foods.
    5. Exercise regularly. Exercise in the morning prior to your first meal of the day to maximize hormonal response and adaption. Get stronger.
    6. Sleep as much as you can without getting divorced or fired.
    7. Make mitigating, coping with stress a priority.
    8. Be outside more and get sunlight on your skin and face.
    9. Use your body more. Walk, swim, run, play, jump, lift, push, pull, squat, press, climb, touch, be touched, have sex.
    10. Prioritize social interactions and making, keeping friends. Even if you aren't naturally inclined to. Strive to understand learn from and respect others.
    11. Do some things specifically for the sake of having fun.
    12. Eat vegetables and fruits to keep your gut germs happy.
    13. Become independent of stimulants, drugs.
    14. Do not purchase cheat foods at the store or bring them into your home; keep your home pristine -- eat cheat foods elsewhere.
    15. Continue to improve.
    ad astra per aspera

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    Nice list TFC.