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  • Tips on what NOT to do.

    I just did something dumb.

    I wanted hot chocolate, but I just got home from a good workout and wanted some of my chocolate whey protein powder. I decided to warm up some coconut milk and almond milk (together) and add a scoop of the whey, just like hot cocoa, right?


    The whey actually cooked and turned into clumps. About 5 minutes later, I puked. Moral: Don't do what I did.

    So... what have the rest of you Groks and Grokettes done in your Primal life that could prove useful for others to learn from?
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    I make protein hot cocoa. Warm up the almond milk, or whatever you prefer. Mix the protein powder in the rest of the fluids. Mix it all together. Then I microwave for 20 seconds, stir, repeat until its warm. If I do it for a minute it will clump. It's the slow warming that works well.


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      I just got this pea protein powder and was thinking that it would be good on meat, but also fear utterly destroying a frying pan, as I tend to do when cooking. Good? Bad?
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      Jack london, "Before Adam"


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        Don't cook acidic foods in new cast iron. The food may turn blackish. Your poop definitely will.

        I've seen Flay cook tomatoes in cast iron, but I'm assuming it was seasoned by years of use.
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        Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


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          Don't use apricots instead of banana in your breakfast waffles. They will be a beautiful golden colour but will be an inedible mess and the waffle maker will take an age to clean.
          Annie Ups the Ante


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            Don't worry if you put chicken bones on to make broth and boil it dry.

            Just add more water and scrape the tasty gloop off the bottom of the pan. It will be the most delicious broth ever.
            Annie Ups the Ante


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              Don't try to roast frozen marrow bones. It may seem simple, but for some obscure reason I could actually do just that the first - and only the first - time I tried it! That took me ages to unlearn...


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                I'm actually semi-addicted to hot chocolate lately.
                I use 1T plain cocoa, 1/3 cup (or more) coconut milk, few drops stevia concentrate and boiled water.


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                  You may think that eggs poached in cream is a great idea to up the fat. Don't. It tastes like eggnog gone horribly, horribly wrong.
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                    When putting a whole chicken in a crockpot for chicken soup, don't include the little plastic layer under the bottom of the chicken like I did last time...after smelling that delicious soup simmer all day, it was pretty painful to discard the whole thing, just in time for dinner.*


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                      I made avocado deviled eggs a while back (straight up replaced the mayo in the recipe with fresh avocado)... Be careful when adding flavor enhancing things to this mixture. The avocado will eventually absorb the flavoring, so overdoing the mustard to get it to taste right before filling them makes for SUPER MUSTARDY BADNESS in a few hours when you serve them.

                      Also, I recommend a little bit of minced onion ON TOP instead of IN... will make a huge flavor difference =)


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                        The plastic liner under the chicken - bwah hah hah! Thanks - tough day at work and I needed the laugh, everyone is now looking at me cause I'm supposed to be reading a whitepaper ....

                        Here's my advice - when the power goes out for two weeks, actually check what you're putting in the pot (in the dark) on the gas burner for stew. Some ice packs feel alot like semi-frozen chicken thighs.
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                          Don't trust the coworker who says she's going to make home made sloppy joes for the office pot-luck. When she says she's going to make them "home made", that means she added brown sugar and ketchup to the canned sloppy joe slop.


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                            Don't boil chicken chicken thigh quarter bones with ribs for stock unless you plan to strain it in cheesecloth. Some of the bones that separate are TINY.