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Iceland ... what a blast!

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  • Iceland ... what a blast!

    We've just had a fantastic short break to Iceland. The country, not the popular frozen food retailer :lol:

    What a fantastic place! Not at all dull, concrete, grey, dark, cold ... actually quite the opposite, and such friendly people, genuinely so.

    We got out into the wilderness and we enjoyed all that downtown Reykjavik could give us.

    I ate everything I could see!

    I had a lovely piece of steamed fish from a simple cafe which pretty much sat you down and put a plate of whatever they had in front of you. No choices, nothing to pick from, just a plate of what they could put together for a fixed price.

    I also ate whale, puffin, shag ... and tried the air dried saltfish ... and the challenging hákarl, a fermented shark meat, buried in sand for months, then dug up and hung in the wind for a few more months.

    From Wiki: "Chef Anthony Bourdain, who has travelled extensively throughout the world sampling local cuisine for his Travel Channel show No Reservations, has described hákarl as 'the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing' he has ever eaten."

    "Chef Gordon Ramsay challenged journalist James May to sample three "delicacies" (Laotian snake whiskey, bull penis, and hákarl) on The F Word; after eating hákarl, Ramsay spat it out, although May kept his down. May's only reaction was, 'You disappoint me, Ramsay.'"

    I loved it. I impressed the cook/chef at the little cafe where I found it, who made it very clear that I should drink the Brennivin (a spirit) after each bite. I just ate it, wondered what all the fuss was about ... could have had a lot more ... and sipped the drink at the end. Very pleasant. The dried fish was more fun, for me.

    Anyway, some snaps ...


    Cod & Cheeks:

    Salmon ... two ways:

    Dried fish and hákarl:

    Sheep Soup:

    Puffin, shag and whale:

    "... needs more fish!"

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    Catfish & Lobster:

    Ice creams and a dill sorbet:

    "... needs more fish!"


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      Arriving home, I'm revived, invigorated and inspired ... I've made a few meals with the inspiration.

      My sheep soup:

      living in the ice age: Kjötsúpa ... Icelandic Sheep Soup

      Open sandwich, sans the bread:

      Lunch - a prawn salad:

      The colours of Iceland:

      living in the ice age: Colours of Iceland ... or, Pan-fried Salmon, Daikon, Cucumber and Asparagus with Purée

      Huge fun, certainly a place we'll be going back to ... hopefully at the end of summer.

      "... needs more fish!"


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        Awesome looking food, and I've heard Iceland is a great place to visit. Thanks for sharing... 15th anniversary this year, and after we get some financial stuff settled, would love to go somewhere special!


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          I would love to visit Iceland. Before I die........before I die.

          All of that food looks great. I never even thought about eating a Puffin!!! Must have. Funky looking bird.

          I wanna try the hákarl too.
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            Great stuff pjgh, Fifteen years ago I stayed one month in Iceland, and I went around to visit the main attractions, so I am familiar with that great place! Iceland has a great scenery, volcanos, geysirs, interesting history and great musicians like the awesome BJORK!
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              Puffin is cool! It's a dark meat, so think duck ... but tasting of herring! The meat trio (puffin, shag and whale) was all raw, for all intents and purposes. The first whale dish was grilled, but very rare still in the middle.

              Yeah, Iceland is one hell of a place to visit. Go with an open mind, get some tours out into the wilderness ... you can go by coach or by truck, which you can hire with a driver. Next time, we'll get a truck. Definitely ring up the tour companies beforehand - they are very accommodating people. Deal with them direct rather than through an agent.

              Yeah, awesome place. So much more to see and do ... another visit is on the agenda.

              "... needs more fish!"


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                All those meals- including your creations- look like works of art.
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                  Beautiful - thank you so much for sharing your experience! Everything looks so protein-y delicious!

                  Did you pickle the hb eggs in your dish in beet juice?
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                    Puffin is cool! It's a dark meat, so think duck ... but tasting of herring!
                    we get muttonbird here which is poss similar. they arent as cute as puffins. i describe the flavour more as mutton basted in cod liver oil. i'd love to visit iceland and i so want to try fermented shark. apparently they ferment it so long to get the amonia out of it. something to do with sharks in cold waters. we just fillet ours real quick.


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                      It really is such a beautiful place. I was lucky to have lived there as a child, but wish I would have been a bit older so I could have experienced more.


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                        Yum! Thanks for the splendid & delicious pics!

                        This is my fave video of all time: Inspired by Iceland

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                          Fantastic! Iceland has long been on my short list of places to go next. Food looks awesome - I would so absolutely eat all of that. I spent a lot of time in the very rural German villages in my childhood, and if you are used to eating some of that, you are good to go in Iceland for the most part!
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                            Originally posted by EagleRiverDee View Post
                            All those meals- including your creations- look like works of art.
                            Thank you for the compliment. The food we ate in Iceland was prepared by Chef Gústav Axel Gunnlaugsson of Sjavargrillid , a Chef who worked as part of his training at Aggi Sverrisson's London restaurant Texture. It was fantastic food.

                            My food ... well, it's just what I knock up in the kitchen.

                            Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
                            Beautiful - thank you so much for sharing your experience! Everything looks so protein-y delicious!

                            Did you pickle the hb eggs in your dish in beet juice?
                            You do get a lot of protein, be it the fish or the meat. Alas, much is served with muesli, barley, oats, that kind of thing. I was on holiday, so I took the experience as a whole, but back home ... it's my rules and the food I put together can leave those sorts of things out.

                            Yeah ... I'd finished a jar of pickled beetroot and thought it a shame to throw the remaining liquid away without doing something with it. In went a couple of eggs and topped up with water. Left for a few hours ... coloured eggs!

                            "... needs more fish!"


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                              Icelands new range of ready meals have come on a long way since the last time I went in there! Not sure about whale or shag though. Shag must have been incredibly fishy tasting?

                              I'd love to go to Iceland (the country). They have gyr falcon, harlequin duck and Barrow's goldeneye (another duck) plus lots of wild areas where I bet no one has ever climbed. And the sea kayaking is meant to be fantastic too!

                              But you can keep Bjork!!!