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  • Healing Gums?

    I've had my lip pierced (labret) for many years now. Probably a decade. I realized that over the years the jewelry has done damage to the gums where the jewelry sits! I immediately ordered a MUCH shorter post, so that it won't touch my teeth at all and cause further damage, but I'm wondering if there is a way to heal the damage that's been done?

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    I suppose if the offending agent is removed and hopefully the shorter post takes care of that, time will help. But I wonder if oil pulling would help especially if you mixed some healing essential oils into the main carrier oil. Not really sure though. I would refrain from using any product in my mouth that has glycerin which most toothpastes do. They also have many offending ingredients like SLS so I would suggest changing to something like baking soda and salt if you haven't already. Good luck!
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        I recently started doing oil pulling in the AM and using Christopher's tooth & gum powder (an herb mix) for brushing. Two sore spots on my gum have disappeared as a result.
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          Take it with a grain of salt, but everything I have ever read or been told about gum damage is that it does not reverse. If the area is simply irritated, it may heal and in that sense re-grow, but anything gone is gone. Take very good care of what you've got!

          The #1 reason why I will not risk getting any kind of oral piercing (though I've wanted a lip piercing for a very long time).

          I had gum grafting done when I was 12 due to receding gums. I wish I'd eaten the way I do now back then, because they started to recede again within a few years. Cutting refined sugar and wheat out of my diet has halted any further recession.
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            Thanks guys.

            I started oil pulling, adding a few drops of tea tree oil to coconut. We'll see how it goes.

            Namelesswonder- I saw that on several pages too, but I figure they're also going along with all the other CW. I think eating a healthy (largely sugarless) diet will help, especially when it comes to bacteria and other yuckies that SAD seems to foster. I did notice that I have a lot less plaque than I did before I was Primal, so who knows what else is possible.


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              Hi Diana,
              I have found tea tree oil to be very helpful in healing mouth injuries when I have a seizure and bite my tongue or the inside of my cheek.


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                I figured it might be good. It does wonders for my athlete's foot as well- LOL


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                  I have tried this, but instead of brushing I just used a q-tip.

                  It worked for me. The gum tissue started to regrow.