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    I now equate protests to a slave begging a master to be free.


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      Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
      The fact that free people in other countries do not live by our laws is not the same as slavery, though in fact there are real slaves in many of these countries.

      There are places of work all over this country staffed by undocumented workers who are held there against their will. Some are sweatshops, some are restaurants, some involve domestic servants who receive no pay for long hours of work, some involve prostitution. Many paid thousands of dollars to come to this country, where they were promised real jobs and a path to citizenship. They may be held indefinitely as indentured servants until they pay back the money they or their families owe, which will never happen because they will never earn enough money to pay it back. The workers have no identification and live under constant threat of deportation by their "employers", who can simply turn them over to the authorities if they object. They may be told that if they escape, family members back home will be murdered, which happens. For real. In many cases, these workers do not even know they have rights.
      Thanks for verifying that it was hyperbole
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        It's no joke about the cell phones, they do track them. At Occupy police also used facial recognition cameras. I think bloodorchid's advice is sound regarding credit cards as well. I am probably your polar opposite politically, but I support your right to protest, as well as your right to privacy, and those rights are severely eroded these days.
        I considered painting my face, as I have read online, with some stripes and shit to break it up, but, Philly isn't the dynastic pederast necromancer financial vatican that Manhattan is, so their camera systems are pretty broke and shitty. I just kept a hood on and wore big sunglasses all day. South Street doesn't even have any, last time I walked it, though people on the street caution that there are a lot of secret policemen.

        I didn't bring the phone, only spent cash, and avoided photographs. I ended up kind of in the background in profile with a hood blocking my face in one picture I saw on Facebook. Mission Accomplished! lol

        Kenn- nothing to do with the 2nd ammendment. It was Bradley Manning's 1000th day locked up.
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