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Resting Metabolic Rate Test - Advice Needed.

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  • Resting Metabolic Rate Test - Advice Needed.

    Hey Primal People, I just got some results from my Resting Metabolic Rate test (indirect calorimetry), and it makes a bit of sense why I haven't been seeing results but raises a few questions. The results are as follows:

    RESTING METABOLIC RATE 1342 Calories/Day

    VO2 180 ml/min

    VCO2 173 ml/min

    RQ 0.961

    CARBOHYDRATE (%) 89%

    FAT (%) 11%

    Coefficient of Variation VO2 = 2.78% VCO2 = 5.20%

    Now, according to this I am apparently in a State of Fat storage. I've been eating a Ketogenic diet for the past while, and yet have been well over what would be considered maintenance calories, but it makes sense why I haven't been losing any weight for the past while. I've been told that I need to increase my carbohydrate consumption... on the suggestion, it looked like 250g, which for Primal Purposes is nuts! Opinions would be nice, also perhaps some suggestions wouldn't go astray.

    Details - Male, 76.6kg (168.8lbs), 162.5cm (5'4")

    Weight training 3 times a week for ~ 1hr, plus 3 cardio sessions a week.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    ~ Cricket

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    250g carbs is not nuts at all for the level of activity you're describing. I'm pretty convinced the low-carb part of Primal is pretty much bullshit. There's no reason for normal people to eat a ketogenic diet.

    Eat some potatoes or something each day, a little extra on workout days, and I bet you start feeling better and get better results in the weight room too.
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      I'm a 5'4 woman in my thirties who has been eating 250-300g/carbs most days. Eating this way improved several health issues I'd been dealing with, plus helped me to lose some of the fat I gained while eating high fat/low carb primal. I don't think there's anything nuts about it since it worked for me, and I feel significantly better eating this way.

      If eating a Keto diet isn't helping you to reach your goal, why the resistance to trying something different?