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  • What Do You Struggle With?

    Just curious about the diversity here. We all got into the Primal diet for various reasons.

    What was your reason and what do you struggle with?

    For me, I wanted to look good, so fat loss and muscle building was the main thing. Now, after learning so much, I don't want to be old and in pain.

    The two things I struggle with is time, and being consistent. I run out of time to adequately prepare my meals, which results in food fatigue and/or eating at a food court.

    How about you?

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    I've been trying to lose 30 to 50 pounds for my entire life. I've never been successful at losing weight for more than a couple of months, so that is how I found PB and why I'm still trying it (though if I'm being honest, it really doesn't work for me for weight loss).

    Right now my biggest struggle is not having control over the environment. I'm living with my parents (just 30 days to go!) and my mom keeps a truly obnoxious amount of junk in the house. In fact, in the past 2 weeks she's decided it would be a good idea to take up making cake balls as a hobby, even though she knows I'm allergic to gluten. She's always asking me to taste various things that I cannot eat. Basically, temptation is EVERYWHERE. I cannot wait to move. I'm also commuting about 2 hours each way to work right now and that basically eliminates all of my free time during the work week. I just keep telling myself that I don't have to do this much longer...

    In general though, I always struggle with planning/preparing food in advance. I enjoy cooking when I have a lot of time but I hate it during my rushed work weeks and cooking everything in advance feels like a chore so I dread doing it on weekends. That means I usually end up putting it off and not doing it at all and then we're left scrambling trying to come up with something for dinner when we're both starving and not thinking straight. It's bad. I'm very particular about the texture of the foods I eat, too, and I find most food to be gross when it is reheated, so that makes it even tougher. There are very few foods that I'm happy to eat as leftovers, most of them get tough/rubbery/soggy/whatever and gross me out.


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      I was looking for better overall health, and some fat loss.

      I was suffering from regular migraines, GI trouble, panic attacks and depression. I have also been putting on about 5lbs per year, and although I've never really been overweight, at that rate I will be.

      Primal/Paleo made sense to me, and I went with it. (A very low carb version of it).

      My troubles improved very quickly, so I've now moved the goalposts - to body recomposition.
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        I was always so hungry. I could not manage my appetite. I kinda wrecked myself hiking 3000 miles in 2 years and doing it on cookies, pasta and candy. I couldn't stop gaining, I couldn't exercise without triggering ravenous hunger, I couldn't diet otherwise I'd be so hungry I'd want to kill myself. I just wanted control over my appetite. I lost some weight but I'm not thin. I'm working on strength these days so I can work with the body I have rather than continue to try for a body I will never have.
        Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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          What I struggle with now, is trying to figure out what I need to do to get the weight loss moving again. I started losing weight nicely, and then messed with my macros and calories naturally lowered, and weight loss stopped.

          I tried to switch macros again, and not much happened. But I also increased my activity, so my progress might be masked a bit. Sometimes I feel thinner. The arm on one shirt in particular fits much better. So I dont know.

          I am trying to do about a 3 way split now and I think that is helping, per PHD for weight loss, and also trying to zig zag my calories. I have trouble eating up to the high end. I just may not be eating enough. Just when I think it is helping, the middle of the month hits when I usually gain, and then exercise increased, so I don't know. Next week might be a better indicator of how it's going. And I went for about 6 months not eating enough fish and not taking fish oil cuz I thought I read something about not taking them. And I read just the other day about maybe when 03/06 is out of whack, weight loss stops. So I don't know.

          Not giving up. Nothing to give up on. I have completely changed my eating and attitude, so nothing to give up on. I just wish I could figure out what I need to fine tune in order to get the rest of the weight to come off. I do get bummed when I look at my weight loss graph and how slow it has gone after it started off so well. I weigh this morning what I weighed 5 months ago. 5 months. 20lbs ligther than when I started Primal 11 months ago. 11 months ago. So I don't know.
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            For me, I just want to have a better relationship with food. Calorie-counting turned into obsession from 2008-2011 and really screwed up how I viewed food; going to the basics and keeping things simple (real ingredients, real food, real easy!) is helping me overcome my demons. Getting fit and lean is just a perk I hope to get to.

            My boyfriend, who is a pasta-loving, cereal-eating, veggie-hating man... he is very very supportive, especially after my blood work results came back great and he can see the positive changes in me. My parents, who used to do Atkins in the late 90s and early 00s, are... okay with it... but think it's just a fad and are concerned that this isn't as great as I make it seem.

            My boyfriend's parents have no idea and this is my main struggle. I don't want to seem like a pain in the ass when I'm around them; they love pasta, pizza, breads, etc. Luckily they also love seafood and good-quality meats. But, for the most part, they very much eat a SAD diet of oatmeal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and pasta with nearly every dinner. I hate having people I love cater to me, because I feel like I'm being the "difficult one".
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              I started reading about it, and it just made sense, and answered a lot of questions about why I can lose weight when I cut out carbs and why I can't when I don't, even when I cut calories.
              High Weight: 225
              Weight at start of Primal: 189
              Current Weight: 174
              Goal Weight: 130

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                I am not Primal, but I like the wholesome approach to food - everything cooked at home, grow as much as you can of your own, source local meats.... I love the fitness concept with challenging your body with heavy weights and playing a lot. I like thinking that I do the best I can for my husband and daughter guarding them against unnecessary weight gain and food challenges.

                I struggle the most with food quantity, I have problem limiting it and end up gaining weight. I can't eliminate sweet flavors (fruit, gum and honey) and I don't satiate on fat & feel ill on very low carb. I also have serious time crunch. And, finally, I hate the climate I live in, and would have much preferred to live by the warm seashore!
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                  Why I came here: pink slime in ground burger. Pissed me off and by the time I was done researching all the other garbage in the food supply, Primal (and to some extent Paleo) simply made sense.

                  What I struggle with: stonedness. Whether pot or alcohol, it doesn't necessarily make me eat non primal foods, but it can definitely make me a shitton of them. Because really, a 5'5" small boned woman shouldn't eat 2 lbs of beef smothered in mushrooms, lemon, and butter. And then an a half dozen hard boiled eggs with homemade mayo as a midnight snack. All primal, but more like Primal Gone Wild.
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                    The scale at the doctor's said 347 and I wanted to drop through the floor and die. I am very passionate about living mindfully and minimally, but my diet did not fall in line with the rest of my life.

                    I started researching clean eating. I found various "caveman" diet places, some of which were very scary and extreme. Eventually I found MDA and the Whole30, and became really interested in whole foods, studying the food industry. Scary stuff. Because of all this knowledge, I am struggling with enjoying life in general, and constantly wishing I lived in the Eurpean countryside. >.>

                    I can never go back now that I have taken a look behind the veil. I am still very obese and I binge more often than not - sugar/carbs is a huge problem for me. But now, I really KNOW what I am eating, and that is why I won't give up on trying to find a primal balance.

                    I also have a terrible relationship with food, as others mentioned they do. I don't know yet, how to fix it. So far neither primal nor whole30 have cured me in that regard.. :*( I have lost a good bit of weight (~50 lbs) and improved my skin, hair, nails, digestion, headaches, etc.


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                      I originally found it when looking at another weight loss method, as I had lost around 20 kg after my second son was born, with at least that much to go, following various diets, low fat of course, but bingeing a lot in between so losses were slow. I was doing a lot of gym classes, and running, sometimes 2 classes a day. Weight would go down a little then stall for a while. Once I went primal I felt amazing. I still think I overate though, as my weight actually went up a little, but I was also doing CF, and my body went down in measurements all over. I didn't realise how crap I felt until I changed to primal, my fog lifted and I just felt so good. Still binged occasionally but much less often. But everything fell apart 6 months of doing this (not because of primal), so 6 months of non stop bingeing gained me 20 kg approx. Did no exercise during this time either.
                      Came back to primal Oct 2012, but again think I still was eating too much as my weight didn't change, but Jan 2013 start HFLC, and actually counted for a bit, to make sure I wasn't eating too much. Started feeling so energetic, and really good. And then the weight started moving down again. I got impatient for a bit there, as I thought it wasn't fast enough, but its moving so I am happy. Am following a more relaxed approach, just eating when I need to and not drinking BP coffees anymore. Scales are still moving down. And I feel great.
                      I now no longer binge, I am truly grateful for that, and I think its because of HFLC.


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                        I had given up on weightloss after a bazillion rounds of calorie restriction/low fat and chronic cardio. I knew my body could not keep up with my work outs that were required to maintain a moderate level of obesity. And I just would cycle starving with sugar binges, with this backdrop of hard workouts. And my weight was stuck between 200 and 210. If I cut back on exercise, the weight packed on quickly.So much work to be a size 16 was depressing.

                        So I was like what the hell, I'm fat, whats the worst that can happen? I tried primal. Works great. Less exercise, more food.

                        Now I struggle with "social eating". I easily stay primal in my home, and with the exception of occasional sugar cravings, I'm 100%satisfied with the food I eat. Sometimes I have a sweet, sometimes I don't. But when I go out, I tend to not make the best decisions. My other struggle is the excess skin. That depresses me to think about that I might need surgery.

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                          I wanted to get a grip on my eating disorder.

                          I've been primal for over a year, and was doing really well. But the past 2-3 months have been hell. I'm just trying to get back to where I was 5 months ago, mentally and physically.


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                            Originally posted by magnolia1973 View Post
                            My other struggle is the excess skin. That depresses me to think about that I might need surgery.
                            What kind of exercise do you do? Maybe the type will help with that.
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                              What kind of exercise do you do? Maybe the type will help with that.
                              I do a HIIT interval class similar to cross fit. Unfortunatley, my skin is just so non-elastic in certain areas and not showing signs of snapping back, particularly my arms. I think my legs and torso may firm up- tht skin seems to be slowly catching up. My arms.... I have great biceps, then a sheet of flab that hangs under them.

                              The only positive news I have read is one guy who says that skin will tighten when there is no fat and that the droop is still excess fat. I do have more to lose, so I am hoping he is right.

                              Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!