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Sydney siders: where to buy and where to eat out?

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  • Sydney siders: where to buy and where to eat out?

    I am looking for good places to buy primal food, cheap meat in general, and places that stock offal? It doesn't matter where in Sydney? So where do you buy all your food?

    Also, where do you guys eat out? Most of what I find in Sydney is crap and not primal or massively overpriced.
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    Best butcher ever is old northern rd Dural. All grass fed, hormone free etc. no middle man either so decent prices. He has eggs too. Huge range of stuff. no preservatives in his sausages .Just down the rd is Kellyville egg farm, they have a good range of fruit and veg grown there. Not certified organic but he says he only uses pesticides on broc. Because its local I still buy. Will have to look up the street name though.
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    Don't eat out so can't help with that. Hope something helps you
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      Macdonald Country Meats in Dee Why has a good selection of offal and fatty meats, such as chuck on the bone. There are plenty of reasonable restaurants but it depends on your tastes. Went to Portofino in Leichhardt on Monday and was pleasantly surprised that their scallops came with the coral. Not the cheapest night out though
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        Plenty of Brazilian BBQ in Sydney, nothing more primal than continuous hunks of meat being brought to your table!


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          Aldi has grass fed meat for cheap. I think Costco does too now.