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Raw milk "detox symptoms"?

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  • Raw milk "detox symptoms"?

    I started drinking raw milk since yesterday. It's pretty much 100% grassfed. I drank 1 liter yesterday an 1 liter yesterday. I've now got a little throat/lung pain and weird stool, I don't feel sick or anything. I used to drink this much pasteurized milk so it's not lactose intolerance. Could this be some "detoxifying" stuff? (I hate to use the word because it sounds like a word vegans or dr phil would use)
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    Some people react poorly to the bacteria in raw milk. Maybe it's mucus building up in your throat and lungs. They're grass fed, but it's winter season, so maybe it's that too. Since the bacteria changes according to what they're eating. Or, it could be just an introductory thing.
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      No idea, but I'd suggest you back off on it or stop drinking it to make sure the symptoms go away. Then start back with smaller amounts. It would probably be easier to tell if you're going through some kind of adjustment period if you have less of it.
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