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  • Reynaud's syndrome

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Especially middle-aged onset with weight loss or a change in diet?

    I first noticed this winter that my boots weren't keeping my toes as warm as they had in the past. Then in the last couple of weeks I've had several instances of my hands being cold, fingertips turning white and going numb. I recognized Reynaud's symptoms right away because the teenaged daughter of a friend of mine has it.

    Reading about it on the web has me a little freaked out. Low potassium, magnesium, vitamin D, omega-3 and low carbs have all been implicated, but apparently it can also be the first symptom for a number of serious autoimmune diseases. My daily carb intake is 100-150g so it's not like I'm VLC. I suppose other nutrients could be off. I haven't had my thyroid tested in about 5 yrs, but I've had pretty good success with weight loss and my energy levels are the best they've been in at least 10 yrs.
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    Laura - no experience with this , but I do suggest you get yourself to the doctor for tests
    Good luck
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      my MIL has had this for years...but it is currently becoming more arthritis at this point... They are separate issues but I think the RA is much more debilitating for her at this point. Her fingers are always cold and often turn shades of white and blue. She is quite thin and teacher...but 66 years old. I think she supplements a lot of those nutrients...but is not primal nor is she gluten or dairy free...eats a LOT of both of those things actually.
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        I felt the cold badly after losing weight with a low carb but not primal diet several years ago. Decided it was due to being too skinny and let weight creep up again.

        With primal I have again lost weight but I don't remember having the same issues with the cold. Maybe it's due to eating more fat, or maybe it was just a mild winter.

        It's high summer here at the mo, so I will see how I feel when winter comes again. But I am hoping that keeping a higher proportion of fat in my daily intake will help.

        I truly hope primal will help this condition because I think my young adult daughter has it. Doctor's only advice is "keep warm". Hah! helpful.
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          I have secondary Reynauds, though I have only noticed a resurgence in symptoms recently. I had it for the first time when I was having heart trouble a few years ago (RVOT, a benign but worrying form of v-tach) but it's suddenly coming back. I had a potassium deficiency then. Not sure if it's the odd swings in weather here, or a symptom of something else, but I'm in the process of finding a local doctor to do some blood work because I am showing symptoms of a thyroid problem.


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            My fingers and toes have been cold and bluish as long as I can remember... at least since around middle/high school.

            Not like the dark blue of the Reynauds diagnosis pics, but a light blue tinge and cold feeling even when other people are warm I feel cold.
            I have also always had low blood pressure, and I developed one of the worse secondary conditions listed on the Reynauds wiki in my mid-20's (which is an autoimmune disease)
            This is certainly not the result of any particular diet as it has been that way for so long. Even during years when I ate carbs and sugars like gang-busters!

            Here is a pic of sort of what my nails and toes often look like at normal temps...even in say 80 or warmer.
            So cold at work that my nails are turning blue.. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

            When I get cold they get bluer than that. But not BLUE like they have been dipped in dye like the Raynauds page.
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              I've had it my whole life, it seems like my child does too

              Try drinking ginger tea, adding cinnamon and or ginger to foods and learning biofeedback. Primal may be helping mine but it's hard to tell as it's fickle. Oh stress can bring on attacks. After being too cold my toes swell, burn, itch and generally hurt like heck for days.


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                I get the white fingers thing sometimes. It started after I had near frostbite on St. Helens one year. Now if I'm too chilled and sedentary parts of my fingers lose circulation and turn white. Sometimes it's the opposite and my forefingers turn dark blue.

                I usually just run warm water over my hands til the color comes back. I didn't know there was a name for this.
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                  Do any of you guys have issues with dry finger tips, splitting nails or spontaneous peeling/cuts....all usually worse in the Fall/Winter time?