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Pins and needles in feet.

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    Also, no health care.... So even if i wanted...
    The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


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      Hahaha, I understand that. Its not like im going to come back 6 months later and yell at you guys. I take full responsibility for my actions and body.
      The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


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        Any walk-in clinic can have affordable payment plans. Look it up. Plenty of people without insurance still see doctors (plenty of family and friends of mine are in that situation).
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          Ill look into it
          The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


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            Another possibility - it could be your backbone. No falling, car accidents, heavy lifting in wrong posture, or any other injury to your back? I would suggest a good osteopath, well it helped me and my whole family on various occasions.


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              I screwed up my back last year falling on the ice. Hasnt been the same since. One muscle seems to get pulled out a lot since it happened.
              The process is simple: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


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                Try some back stretches and also strengthen your core to help improve and stabilize the muscles/spine. It's highly likely prolonged duration of sitting or standing can cause weakness in the muscles and one of your vertebrae are weak and easily loosened....can pinch or irritate the spinal cord or other nerves.

                Ask yourself:

                Which toes or part of the foot/feet do you feel the most pins and needles sensations?

                Where did you fall and mess up your back...where on the back exactly and where if there is, any pain on your back?

                Next, try to see if it matches the specific dermatome: here

                In most situations involving the foot, vertebrae L4-S1 are usually related. But to figure out which vertebrae you have to figure out what part of the foot and where on your back did you fall/injure. Sometimes, pain location or irritation or discomfort isn't the root or source of the problem. In your case, there may be nothing wrong at all with your toes/feet (other than standing too much with excessive weight).

                Some stretches here and here.

                The most simple way to increase strength in the lower back is to do squats, just like here. Other exercises.


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                  What Stephen said ^^

                  A few years ago I had annoying pins and needles in my feet/toes. Turned out to be another symptom of major problems with the vertebrae in my lower back, and I should have heeded the warning. Spending a week at a time flat on my back in bed because it was too painful to sit or walk (extreme shooting nerve pain from lower back down to toes) was NO fun. Took months to recover.

                  Please don't just ignore it.
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                    The problem in this case, is that peripheral neuropathy is only reversible if caught early. And it can become really horrible. It can be caused by diabetes, B12 deficiency or a number of other things. It could very well be from your injury, but if it worsens at all I would try very hard to get some medical intervention. Once nerves are gone, they are largely gone for good.
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