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    Adam's Apples. Danish, 2005. I watched it on Netflix streaming. Late one night I wanted a foreign flick and came across this one. I once visited Copenhagen and was entranced, so this was worth a shot. Never forgot it.
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      Another vote for Skyfall. It was great!


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        I was meh about Skyfall. I think I'm the only person who doesn't care for Daniel Craig.

        I watch a lot of old movies, especially Hollywood noir. I came across a real twisted one the other night, Fritz Lang's Scarlet Street. Edward G. Robinson is a milquetoast bank teller who paints bizaare paintings. He falls for a young gal who has an abusive boyfriend on the side and is trying to take Robinson for a ride. It's so bleak that it's quite amusing.

        On January 4, 1946, the New York State Censor Board banned Scarlet Street entirely, relying on the statute that gave it power to censor films that were "obscene, indecent, immoral, inhuman, sacrilegious" or whose exhibition "would tend to corrupt morals or incite to crime."' As if in a chain reaction, one week later the Motion Picture Commission for the city of Milwaukee also banned the film as part of a new policy encouraged by police for " 'stricter regulation of undesirable films.' " On February 3 Christina Smith, the city censor of Atlanta, argued that because of "the sordid life it portrayed, the treatment of illicit love, the failure of the characters to receive orthodox punishment from the police, and because the picture would tend to weaken a respect for the law," Scarlet Street was "licentious, profane, obscure and contrary to the good order of the community." ... Universal was discouraged from challenging the constitutionality of the censors by the protests of the national religious groups that arose as the Atlanta case went to court.


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          Oh yes, re Rosemary's Baby.

          The Hitchcock film made me pull out Psycho and The Birds - amazing.

          How about The Shining?


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            Just a note to folks who like non-mainstream type movies. Hulu is making their Criterion Collection free for Presidents' Weekend.

            (I don't work for them, nor do I pay for their "premium" service.)
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              Have you watched del Torro's other stuff? Not Hellboy, but his other horrors Cronos and The Devil's Backbone? Pretty good imo, esp Cronos.


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                I'm very meh about Daniel Craig, but oddly enough still enjoyed Skyfall.

                Another old fave is the original 1963 version of The Haunting. I could never watch that movie home alone.

                For pure sappy immersion therapy I like Princess Bride and Much Ado About Nothing.

                I also liked Jean de Florette and Horseman on the Roof (not the most coherent plot, but nice vibe).
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                  I was surprised at how much I liked Skyfall. It's not a typical James Bond movie, which I detest as a rule.
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                    Chinatown is one of my all time favorites.
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