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  • Primal webcam chat.

    Wondering if anyone wants to do a Primal web-roulette on Omegle. Basically, we'd use "Primal diet" as our keyword (it isn't used by anyone else) and get to meet face-to-face and chat with other Primal folk, from the wise oldies to the n00bs. It'd be all the more fun because it'd be randomized, so we wouldn't be talking about a set topic, just whatever we felt like at that particular moment (losing the next lb, hiking, ailments, benefits, convincing a kid to eat greens, eating out...) and we'd get to know each other better. Anyone up for it? We could arrange a time on a weekend, so anyone on the "border" of whatever time-zone we choose can still get involved without risking their rest.

    It'll be fun. I promise.
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