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How did you meet your significant other?

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    Originally posted by qqemokitty View Post
    This has got to be one of my most favorite threads ever.
    Officially "The feel-good thread" Loving hearing the stories of lovin'... and some of you tell them so well.

    And how apt is the timing?! Even if Valentine's day is a commercial feeding frenzy, there's probably no better time to reminisce
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      Man, I left out the spicy bits, but since some of you are including them...

      The first night that we re-met, he got drunk, we shared the stories of our lives, and we ended up playing DDR and dancing nekkid. Not a euphemism there. Well, he got nekkid, I was in my undies. There were other friends about. He hates when I bring that night up, but it really set the stage for our relationship in so many ways, mostly how much FUN it was.

      Finding a text message on my phone late that night (we were up till 5AM or later, chatting, and went on our first date for lunch that same day) that he'd sent before getting drunk asking me if I wanted to go out sometime was the best feeling.
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        My brother was getting married, so he put me in his room in his flat, where I hung out with his flatmates for the weekend. She was one of them....
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          We're both terminal nerds, and met on IRC playing VtM (if you don't know what those TLAs mean, you're not nerdy enough).
          He's ten years younger than I, from a low-income family in the south-eastern U.S. I'm from a middle-income family in small-town Prairies Canada. He's black, I'm white. Somehow, we've made it work for over 7 years of marriage!


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            In a bar-8 years ago-married 6 years-one child(18 month old son)-not much in common but death is the only thing that will separate me from my son so......


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              Originally posted by NZ primal Gwamma View Post
              I was hitch hiking from Dunedin to the Auckland - on my own !!!!!! very naughty indeed..................... anyway he picked me up ........................30 years later he possibly regrets that split second decision !!!!!!!! LOL
              That is naughty! You were, what, 19? As a mother, I feel a panic attack coming on, lol.
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                Originally posted by YogaBare View Post
                Officially "The feel-good thread" Loving hearing the stories of lovin'... and some of you tell them so well.

                And how apt is the timing?! Even if Valentine's day is a commercial feeding frenzy, there's probably no better time to reminisce
                In the words of Hugh Grant - Love is...all around. I've decided that tomorrow I'm going to ask some people I work with how they met their SOs. I think some of them will have good stories too.
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                CW-125, part calorie counting, part transition to primal
                GW- Goals are no longer weight-related


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                  yep 19 and we had had two significant murders of hitch hikers in NZ (Jennifer Beard and Mona Blades) - so my parents did have kiniptions when they found out - but hey I was at Otago university with two of my brothers - they HH - so why couldn't I ??????
                  I was young and tough and bullet proof - you know the drill
                  "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

                  ...small steps....


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                    I love all the stories! I can't wait to have one of my own someday!


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                      I'm not with this one anymore, but it was kind of neat how we met. We started out on Yahoo Personals- he read my ad and contacted me. We communicated via email and later on the phone a little. He found out where I worked (the home electronics department of a local department store) and he came in and didn't identify himself (I didn't know what he looked like at this point) and asked me to help him find a movie. I helped him, and he bought "The Princess Bride" which he then proceeded to give to me and introduce himself.
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                        We met in a downtown Toronto bar. My girlfriend told me to start a conversation with these two guys she thought were hot since I'm not usually shy. So I did. The four of us hung out the rest of the night dancing at late night clubs. He called me a week later, we started long distance dating (he was a two hour drive away). We got married ten months later and next month we celebrate our 27th anniversary. He is awesome.
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                          he came in my tattoo shop in 1989 to get a tattoo. I chased him down mercilessly after that! We were married 9 months later.


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                            We were a camp romance. As in camp staff - at an Easter Seal camp way up in mosquito-infested northern Ontario. He was a 17 year old "rich" kid from a private school in Toronto, tall, very blond, athletic, looked like a tennis star to my star-struck eyes. I was an 18 year old middle class northern Ontario nerdy kid, not at all athletic. We ended up sleeping in sleeping bags next to each other on the staff training overnight campout (sleeping is a euphemism for staying awake all night thanks to the mosquitoes and hard ground.) In the middle of the night, surrounded by others in their sleeping bags, we whispered to each other for hours and held hands. After that night, we were an item.

                            After the summer, we maintained a long distance romance for 7 years, through the end of highschool for each of us (4 hours drive apart), undergrad degrees at two different universities and my internship, his co-op work semesters. And that's back in the days of snailmail, no internet or cheap long distance calling. We wrote letters - hundreds of them that we both still have! We married on the 7th anniversary (to the day) of that first sleepover, and have been married for 27 years now.

                            He's still a cutie and can always make me laugh.


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                              My story is very boring lol - we met at work.

                              Although my OH had worked there for about a year until he actually spoke to me properly. Apparently he had liked me for a while - not that I would have known, I just thought he was a bit off with me lol.

                              He moved in with me about 9 months after we started going out and we're still together after nearly 3 years. Hoping to get married in the near future, never met anyone who respects me as much as he does

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                                Working as an indentured servant at Wal-Mart, and I was buying a cheese and jerky package for lunch. The cashier was kinda cute... and that was how it started.
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