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  • I was spanked a lot as a kid and I never associated getting spanked with hitting or being hit. A spank was a spank, and someone hitting me was completely different.

    I had two other siblings that were spanked and none of us were violent in any way, nor did we act out at all. None of us would even think to hit another child or harm another person or animal. We were brought up to be very respectful of other people and were always polite. My mom was able to take us a lot of places because we wouldn't dare do something that might warrant a spanking. Even now I get compliments from people about how well behaved we were. I had another sibling come along 10 years later and she was not disciplined the same at all, she ended up being way more defiant and my parents seemed to have way less control over her (could be her personality, but we are practically twins in that aspect so I doubt it).

    My older sister raised her kids the exact opposite way we were raised and her children are little devils. They back-talk her all the time and are completely unpleasant to be around. They are constantly fighting each other and fighting their parents, I've seen them hit my sister on many occasions. They have absolutely no respect for their mother or anyone else for that matter. All 5 of her kids are this way, each one is worse than the last.


    • Erin are you saying your sisters kids are like that purely due to no hitting? Are they just allowed to do what they want with no boundaries? How do they eat?
      Not hitting alone does not cause "naughty" children. There is way more involved.

      Mine aren't allowed just to do what they want, they have boundaries. They are not like that.


      • Yes, I was hit when I was younger. I was also choked, shoved around, and pushed. As a result, I have anger issues to this day. All hitting taught me was that if you are stronger than someone, it's okay to hit them. I was hit by my father. His punishments only made me scared of him, and to this day I have personal problems in relationships. The way my mother punished me was by taking away things(like my games, making me go to bed early, etc.) ironically, it was my mothers punishments that always set me straight. My dads beatings just caused many, many problems that I suffer from to this day.

        If a parent can hit without any anger, then I don't think I quick swat on the behind is wrong. However, most parents are not able to separate their anger when they are mad at their children.


        • I was spanked. I believe it did some good and some bad.

          I do not feel corporal punishment is effective for all children nor do I feel it should be applied to any child. I believe spanking can be effective for certain types of children, likewise spanking can backfire when applied to another population of children. But as a parent, one will not be privy to which population your child will fall under. So my feeling is not to spank any child.

          I feel there are better ways to teach discipline, more proper ways to punish a child for doing something wrong.

          I do not like violence, and I am against senseless violence.....BUT if you are a teenager and or an adult and there are just some situations where spanking does not apply, but a good beat down is. There are just some types of douchebags out there who, no matter how hard you try and ignore them.....they just can't be helped (at that specific time and place) other than a good ass kicking.

          Sometimes violence is appropriate like in the case for self-defense, or protecting someone else. I do not encourage or promote acts of violence against fellow humans, animals, plants...but there are situations where violence is necessary.