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Last attempt in solving this unexplained weight gain mystery

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  • Last attempt in solving this unexplained weight gain mystery

    I guess its appropriate to post my ordeal here to see if anyone encounter the same situation or heard of it and might know how to treat it.

    I have been dieting, extreme dieting, yo-yo and low carbing for about a decade and lost tons of weight. I guess through this hardship, I developed low iron which before I thought it wasn't such a big issue until now.

    In 2008 I tried the hcg diet, it work magical! I was maintaining in P3 and was eating around 2200 cal per day. But once I started to menstruate, I beginning gaining a lot of weight for no apparent reason. I tried many cycles afterwards and I would maintain fine until my period started. I ate less, did different diets and the weight still increased. The only time the weight will stay the same is if I fasted the whole day or fasted till evening and eat steak. Well its been almost 5years and I have gained 100lbs and its not stopping. I done a series of test and nothing was showing that I had a problem. No cancer, diabetes, hypothyroid, etc. The only thing I know is that I have a slow metabolism and burning -30%. After seeing many doctors, none could help me. The current doctor I have no discovered a year ago that I had high Prolactin and ACTH. He thought I may have Cushing’s to explain the rapid weight gain. Did a MRI and it was confirmed that a tumour is present next to my pituitary gland. Did series of testing through an endocrinologist which says that I have a prolactin producing tumor not ACTH tumor and therefore do not have Cushings. My cortisol levels are normal, not even close to being high. Did researched and assumed the high prolactin is causing the weight gain. No being on the medication for 7 months, I can say this is not the cause of the weight gain. my prolatin levels are now normal and its believed the tumor has shrunken. As the weight increases I am doing more research to find out what is causing this weight gain as the endo says he doesn't know and is beyond his scope. I did stumble on rt3 and leptin and just recently took a blood test to is if in fact this is causing the weight problem.

    Now I am not knocking hcg. I truly believe it works and seen transformation from people I know who done this and still maintain their weight loss, but for some reason I believe the starvation diet of 500 cal pull the last trigger and made me go into very slow metabolism and now gaining rapid weight.

    Can anyone comment share or express their knowledge in this rare circumstance I am facing? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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    You have a pituitary tumor but you're seeking another explanation for your weight gain? I know enough about medicine just from what I've learned watching House to know that's crazy talk.
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      How is it crazy talk?? The pituitary tumor is not causing the rapid weight gain. I am on dostinex and nothing has changed. I belong to a pituitary group which they also advised the same because if this was in fact causing the weight gain, it would had stop months ago.