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Over-active thyroid (grave's disease) - questions about going primal

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  • Over-active thyroid (grave's disease) - questions about going primal

    I was informed on 1/3/2013 that my thyroid was hyper-active. Most people lose weight because their metabolism is on over-drive. I am one of the few that has not lost weight. I was also told I can not exercise (I was told not to do anything that raises my heart-rate) until my thyroid levels are in the normal range.

    My question is: If I start eating primal and can't exercise, will I be more likely to gain weight. On January 2, 2013 I deadlifted my PR of 95lbs. I was pretty active, gym 3-4 days /week and do other stuff on non-gym days. As a person who needs to lose 6o lbs, I am just frustrated and bored. I read the primal blueprint and the primal connection. I understand you need fat to burn fat. Its just how much fat can I burn if I am not exercising.

    Any replies, discussion, advice is appreciated.


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    You don't need to exercise to burn fat. If you eat at a caloric deficit, you will burn fat and lose weight. To preserve muscle, be sure to get sufficient protein.

    What are they doing to fix your thyroid? My understanding is that Graves disease requires the 'death' of the thyroid--either via removal or radiation. I have a friend who opted for surgical removal 10 years ago and has been doing fine ever since. He lost a lot of weight before his Graves was diagnosed. I'd be like you and not lose:-)


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      Thank you for your reply Emmie. I am taking an anti-thyroid medicine called methimizole. She is trying to get me back into remission. I am going to start eating Primal then. I did it for a while (kind of Paleo/Primal. I actually eliminated dairy as well). I felt great and was doing well with exercise and then I started not feeling well, found out about my thyroid and started a long pity party that I am ready to stop.

      Thank you again for your reply. I start tomorrow (or maybe Saturday if the snow storm they are predicting for the Northeast actually happens.)