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horrible breath since started Paleo/Primal

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    I've never had anything but mild ketosis breath for a short time while primal, but most halitosis is from the gut, not the mouth or throat. It's very possible you're killing off bad guys in the gut and they're making a stink about it (ha!).

    I'd use good ferments (like Bubbies pickles, or make your own sauerkraut or kim chee or yogurt, etc.), bone broth, avoid sweets entirely for a while (and grains, if you're not 100% already), and maybe a quality probiotic. If this is the worst of your "I cut the crap food" die-off, you're very fortunate!

    Or it could be Satan.
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      Oh I have the same problem, badly. I've pinned it down to happening whenever I consume milk/yogurt/cheese or even butter... always accompanied by thick mucous in my mouth and throat- sorry - however I think I need the calcium so I stick with cheese and yogurt which give me the same problem but less of it, and put up with the smell issue...
      but maybe you could try dropping dairy for a little to see if it goes away?
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        Chewing on fennel seeds helps me. They have sort of a refreshing, sweet taste to them. And you can swallow them when they're all chewed up.