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    I am asking this question for my you can see, lol, from my profile pic I have my hair problem taken care of. She, a couple years ago, cut her hair short but is now trying to grow it back out. From a primal perspective, is there anything that you guys can recommend me to tell her that she might can take or do to help speed up her hair growth?
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    Tell her to check out the long hair forum The Long Hair Community Discussion Boards
    Everything to know about taking care of your hair, theyve got it
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      Biotin, bone broth, and a little bit of seaweed daily.
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        Originally posted by Damiana View Post
        Biotin, bone broth, and a little bit of seaweed daily.
        If you don't mind supplements, kal amino-max makes my hair and nails grow like weeds.
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          Castor oil hair masks!
          "I think the basic anti-aging diet is also the best diet for prevention and treatment of diabetes, scleroderma, and the various "connective tissue diseases." This would emphasize high protein, low unsaturated fats, low iron, and high antioxidant consumption, with a moderate or low starch consumption.

          In practice, this means that a major part of the diet should be milk, cheese, eggs, shellfish, fruits and coconut oil, with vitamin E and salt as the safest supplements."

          - Ray Peat


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            I don't have any suggestions but just wanted to say your profile pic is great. lol Well done.