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    i was a bit sceptical about costco at the start.i tend to think that if stuff is cheap it will probably be crap but i know someone who worked in costco,he is a butcher by trade and tells me the quality of meat they have is very good.

    i have had costco membership for about three years now and i think it's well worth it,plenty of meat/fish on sale and i find it better stuff than tesco too.
    once a month they have a fish market in there and whole salmon is 4.99/kilo.

    i also upgraded to executive membership,this gives 1% cashback (before vat) paid each costs an extra 25 i think but last year i got total cashback of 110.00.
    if you don't get enough money back to cover the extra 25 you can cancell it and get a refund so you can't really lose.

    it's worth taking a look,especially if you have a freezer.