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Ratio fats to protein to carbs questions

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  • Ratio fats to protein to carbs questions

    Did post this in the newbie bit no one has posted their for 6 months...

    Hi I float around in the back ground of this forum and read as much as I can. I have read the primal blue print but need to ask how do you get you fat/protein/carbs ratios from.. Or do you see what suits you? I have started using myfitnesspal app to log my food.. I have sorry been eating primal for over a month but want to start tweaking it. I know cutting dairy is from paleo ,but do people suggest to do this to fat fat burn? How do you work out how many calories a day you have?? I know some or maybe all these are answered on the forum but I've read so much on so many different threads it all seems to start to confuse me as some people say one thing and others seem to say another .. Just a bit of help in the right direction

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    A number of us take this approach --

    Understand your protein needs (depends on age, gender, activity level)
    Understand your carb tolerance (varies, depends on how damaged you are by prior life)
    Remainder is fat - which can be dietary or from on-board storage

    Both protein and carb are 4 kcal/gram, and fats are 9 kcal/gram.

    So - as an example:

    Female, post menopausal, 5'1" or 155cm, moderate activity, goal weight 120 pounds/55kg:

    Protein needed = 55g +10%, or 60g -->240 kcal
    Carb max = 30g (known from experience as well as 50% protein grams) --> 120 kcal
    Fat = rest of caloric needs, ~120g --> 1080 kcal

    Total kcal = 1440 kcal

    A young and active male needs more protein, and may well tolerate more carbs. A lot of this is figuring out what works for you. It varies a lot from one person to another - you generally have to experiment (called n=1).


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      So I am 35 doing p90x doubles I'm 5'6 and 11stone... I want to get to about 10 stone ish..

      How do I work it out like above


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        Originally posted by Blobbydon View Post
        So I am 35 doing p90x doubles I'm 5'6 and 11stone... I want to get to about 10 stone ish..

        How do I work it out like above
        Don't they give you a diet with p90x? A guy I know from the gym did that and he said he lost 45 lbs.

        But anyways, if you're goal is to lose one stone, I'd just stick to something simple that is guaranteed to work. People often put way too much emphasis on macros and it makes things way more complicated than what is necessary. Notice how on they have a lot of guys who do that but they also have a keto crowd, and they both work. Why? Because they both cut calories.

        I'd just go with something dirt simple and incredibly boring, until you drop that one stone. Example:
        12 eggs + 16 oz steak + a negligible amount of sauce or veggies for flavor, no cooking oil
        If weight loss doesn't occur, decrease by 1/4 portion size to 8 eggs + 12 oz steak instead, or fast for 2 days a week.

        Notice how counting calories or macros simply isn't necessary with such a plan. It's all about quantity and an easier method of measurement.

        What about performance? People typically perform better while on carbs. That's why the crossfit folks do it zone style. And that's also why distance athletes eat A LOT of carbs. It's really all dependent on you and your own activity level.

        But either way, it isn't going to hurt you to go zero carbs until you drop the weight you want. You'll get to the goal you want. And if you need, you can always throw in the carbs later on when you are on to new goals. Additionally, it's much better to have variety in the long term. Realize that I only recommend such a simple plan when trying to drop the weight is because it's easier to stay focused on what is really required in order to reach your goal. For fat loss? Simplicity. Foods that fill you up, and cut calories. That's it. And on top of that, simplicity so you don't end up getting confused by every dietary strategy you can and can't think of, that which can't work.


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          thanks a lot will try this out.... yeah they do give you a diet, but so hard to follow and so expensive i think to have all the bits you need... and i prefer to eat primal for my bodys sake... thanks again will let you know how i get on...