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want to live to be 100 ? Ted Talk worth watching

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  • want to live to be 100 ? Ted Talk worth watching

    I found this Ted talk spot on with the primal life style if you have additional thoughts jump in here."
    Raise grass fed bison all natural. trying to gage this comunity to see if their is any intrest?

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    want to live to be 100 ?
    not really...
    "Ah, those endless forests, and their horror-haunted gloom! For what eternities have I wandered through them, a timid, hunted creature, starting at the least sound, frightened of my own shadow, keyed-up, ever alert and vigilant, ready on the instant to dash away in mad flight for my life. For I was the prey of all manner of fierce life that dwelt in the forest, and it was in ecstasies of fear that I fled before the hunting monsters."

    Jack london, "Before Adam"


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      thanks for posting that