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Have you had a recurring dream?

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  • Have you had a recurring dream?

    If so, what was it about? Do you still have it? If not, did you resolve it?
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    This has happened to me in the past after a couple of highly emotional incidents.

    The dream eventually faded away when I began to get over the incident.

    Praying and gradually learning to let go of it - the dream and the incident, because they were interrelated.
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      Yes, I have. One of them is not too nice, but not as bad as a nightmare. It somehow resembles the Mario game - I have to go through a labirinth, climb through windows, find the right door, go on a little bridge over dry swimmingpool, etc. Slightly difficult but manageable. The other is about flying - not too high, the earth sometimes is right there, a few metres below, sometimes it more resembles a baloon flight. Oh, I love that one!


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        Yes. The day of finals in college, I realize I have a class for which I have not attended lecture or done any work the entire semester. I usually wake up in a cold sweat.
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          I've had many over the years, usually related to some life lesson I'm refusing to learn. The most recent one has been being back in college and realizing right before finals that I forgot an entire class. Not that I forgot about the finals, but that I completely forgot to ever go to the class and I hafta ace the final to have a prayer of passing.
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            Recurring dreams? Yes.
            Had them for most of my life.
            As a kid I was scared someone would kill me and dreamed that often, then it changed to me being the killer.

            Resolve them?
            I'm not dead yet, and... no, I've not ever actually killed anyone IRL.
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              No, my dreams are all different. Some of them could be considered continuations though. Like my dreams wherein I'm a girl whom I have taken to calling Lexi. "The sexual misadventures of Lexi the slut" is the most frequent dream but there's also a "Lexi the witch" series I get around Halloween and a "Lexi the soul-stealing swordswoman" set that comes back once in a while. The swordswoman one is my favourite because I somehow managed to create an entire world in my dreams that I actually remember about as well as the real world.

              The dreams do occasionally overlap though. Like the time the beautiful sword wielding adventurer Lexi infiltrated the tyrant's prison and forgot to make an escape plan. Three guesses how she convinced the guard to let her out?
              Okay well technically she had the guy in the next cell snap his neck through the bars before he could do anything but she seriously considered pulling a black widow. Interestingly the guy in the next cell was the true king who subsequently died during the escape. Of course Lexi gets back to her travelling companions who then flee to a place where magic users hide from the tyrant (who really hates them).
              And that's as far as the dreams have gone so far, minus a boring scene involving a gathering of elders who want to kill Lexi for being a soul stealer (yes, she gains power with each kill. I dreamt up an rpg.) and a scene involving the blacksmith.

              Er, guess I should give you guys the character profiles at this point.
              Lexi - The beautiful and intelligent main character. She's a bit crazy at times and has a problem with being ordered around. Also has trouble getting close to people, hiding behind sarcasm to avoid getting hurt. She arrived in this world (butt naked in the middle of winter) after escaping the lair of a demon lord, remembering nothing but her name. After wandering around for a while she happens upon three travellers being attacked by a group of "thieves" (hey, how was I supposed to know they were the a nobleman and his guards? ) She then manages to conjure up a sword (soul stealer ability, anything killed with it increases her power) and kill several of them, taking the nobleman hostage in the process. She collapses from her wounds after they tie him up and escape. End heroic introductory scene. In a love triangle with Ragan (the blacksmith) and Marissa (the sorceress). Dirty blonde with c cups, for you pervs out there. Also average height with a perfect figure.
              Marissa - A young but powerful sorceress who left her village with her brother and an old seer to avoid being beheaded for having magical power. Sweet and timid, she gets so nervous about hurting people that she won't even use her magic. Also gradually falls in love with Lexi. And NO, no threeways with the blacksmith. He's her brother you pervs. Black hair with d cups. Shorter than average with an average figure.
              Ragan - A swordsman and blacksmith with a mild sexist streak. Questions Lexi's skills because of her gender (claiming she snuck up on the guards) and is of course thoroughly beaten for it. After their little match she refuses to acknowledge him as a swordsman, teasingly calling him "Blacksmith" from then on. Inevitably ends up as one of Lexi's suitors. Black hair, medium build, slightly taller than average.
              The Seer - A grandfatherly old man who travels with them and guides them to the refuge. The bastard's hiding something though. Standard old man robes with a staff and extra long beard.
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                For years, I had these recurring dreams of weird airplanes. They were enormous, much larger than anything built now, and they would move like UFOs, stopping, moving vertically, sideways, but always with the sense that they were coming right towards me, an inescapable sense of dread. And then they would crash, narrowly missing me, horrible drawn out crashes that seemed to signify the beginning of some inexplicable war.

                And after 9/11 I never dreamt it again.


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                  wow crazy. I have had a few dreams like that, of being in the street among people and giant cities in the air are maneuvering overhead and crashing down. It is always wild.

                  I've had many over the years, usually related to some life lesson I'm refusing to learn. The most recent one has been being back in college and realizing right before finals that I forgot an entire class. Not that I forgot about the finals, but that I completely forgot to ever go to the class and I hafta ace the final to have a prayer of passing.
                  exactly the same dream maybe every month or so at least for the entire time I was in college and a few years after I graduated!

                  When I was a little kid that just moved from brooklyn to NJ, I would have a reoccuring dream that a storm kicked up while me and my brothers were playing in the front yard in NJ (we lived near the bay and could see NY from it, could point to coney island where we came from). So everyone runs inside, and I am the last one in line, and as I get to the door, a giant spider drops over the handle.

                  I am scared of it so retreat into the street, at which point a great wind kicks up, like a cyclone, and lifts me into the air toward the Bay. At some point over the Bay, the wind becomes King Kong, and he is carrying me back toward Brooklyn
                  "Ah, those endless forests, and their horror-haunted gloom! For what eternities have I wandered through them, a timid, hunted creature, starting at the least sound, frightened of my own shadow, keyed-up, ever alert and vigilant, ready on the instant to dash away in mad flight for my life. For I was the prey of all manner of fierce life that dwelt in the forest, and it was in ecstasies of fear that I fled before the hunting monsters."

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                    I had a terrible recurring nightmare when I was younger that to this day gives me the heebie jeebies if ever I happen to think about it. SO THANKS!!! :P Lol.

                    I don't think I ever resolved it, if it even had anything to be resolved.. I'm not sure. It involved some very creepy stuff though. And I had it from when I was very small, well into my late teens.