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  • It's a mind game

    Yesterday I took part in some research for a PHD study on the effect of resistance on natural killer cell activity in women recovering from breast cancer.
    A blood test was taken then strength and body composition testing was carried out at the end of the process I was handed an envelope which put me in the control group. I admit I was dissapointed but in four months time I will get 3 sessions a week with an exercise physiologist for four weeks. So far this all sounds great right?
    During the whole body composition testing my weight and measurements were being called out to be recorded. When I was diagnosed in 2008 with breast cancer I promised myself I would never diet again and as a result I have not weighed myself since
    This is where the mind games begin. Nothing has changed since yesterday other than the passing of time so why do I feel the need to reevaluate my eating and exercise program? Primal is still giving me the energy the best sleep and I feel great. I guess I still would like to have a bikini body and am far from there now

    I am regretting taking part now which seems really selfish I know.
    link to my journal