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Alternatives to chewing gum?

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  • Alternatives to chewing gum?

    Sometimes chewing gum helps a lot in lubrificating one's mouth and give it a boost on the freshness of the breath.

    But. The commercial ones contain a whole lot of poison and junk, and, at least I speak for myself, VERY addictive. Does it make sense to clean one's diet and they inject junk from the gum?!
    However, they're easy to transport in a purse and to "use".

    Dilenma's on.
    What would an alternative to chewing gum be, then?
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    I dunno about alternatives; but I like the spry gum. the ingredients list isn't too shocking and the xylitol works well to protect teeth and kill bad breath.


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      chewing sticks infused with tea tree oil are a pretty good alternative for gum in the chewing action and breath freshening, but they're short least the ones i've tried are.

      you can also just find some gum that doesn't contain tons of crap, realize that nothing is perfect, and chew away.


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        I keep a bottle of Jason brand mouthwash in my office.


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          "Pur" chewing gum started showing up at the supermarkets near me just this past year...xylitol instead of aspartame.
          The flavor doesn't last as long as say, Orbit...but it fills that void for me. I also usually have Altoids around, but these have sugar. I would take sugar over chemicals any day, but that's me.

          Pur Gum - Home
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            Dried jerky.... once dry enough, a small piece may last for minutes while you chew it. Bring a pocketfull and you're all set.


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              Try a whole clove.


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                I liked the idea of less-aggressive chewing gum. Too bad they're hard to find (or quite expensive) in my country. I'll take a tighter look, though!

                The whole clove tip looks interesting, actually!
                I've heard about mint essential oils or fresh parsley, but the first one is very strong and must be handled (mouthed, actually) with extreme care, and the last one isn't practical.

                Thank you very much, everyone.
                Ancas Largas (or "Wide Hips") | visual primal diaries (in portuguese)


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                  Chicle rubber is one thing that chewing gum was made from (still today, maybe?). Pound in your own flavours.

                  Cinnamon sticks, if you really like cinnamon? I've heard that does wonders for your everything.

                  I know in Suomi they found birch tar with human (neanderthal?) tooth marks dated to ~8,000ya (or longer).



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                    How to Make Chicle |

                    The question is where do you get chicle...

                    I am going to try to substitute chewing gum with lemon peels.
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                      Wow, doing my own chicle would be the most amazing thing ever!!!
                      But, yeah... one need the chicle plant!

                      Lemon peels sounds like a very nice idea, worth trying.
                      Not to practical to take everywhere, but still more than the parsley solution, for example.

                      Many, many thanks!
                      Ancas Largas (or "Wide Hips") | visual primal diaries (in portuguese)