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Let's Try this again.... Sigh

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  • Let's Try this again.... Sigh

    So, I got down to a nice weight by eating Primal, Fasting 21-23 hours a day, walking on breaks (Didn't go too crazy about the work-outs), and all that. I was able to maintain my weight for a good while, even with some non-primal cheats. Then the Holidays hit, and I got sucked in! I gained 10 lbs since Thanksgiving, by eating junk!!

    I'm attempting, AGAIN, to get back to Clean-Primal eating.. Only I'm running into some obsticales..

    1) The past few days, I've eaten a lot better, one small slip up a day, maybe, but I haven't lost a single pound! I thought I would have at least lost some water weight??
    2) I'm really not digging vegetables. Never been a real big vegetable eater in the first place. I'll eat a salad, but it's starting to get old. So that leaves just eggs and meat, and that can't be all too healthy?
    3) Budget is a lot lower this year. Yes, I can eat eggs every once in a while, but I'm kind of burnt out on them.
    4) It's winter, and I really don't have a whole lot of motivation to exercise.. We live on the top floor, so I can get too loud. And it's too cold or rainy to go out walking.

    I have taken the first steps to eating healthier again, and get back down by 10 or so pounds, but I just seem so dissapointed.

    Should I go back to IFing?

    Typical day:
    AM - Iced tea with a bit of Stevia
    Noon - Turkey with a bit of mustard, celery with cream cheese, a piece of cheese
    Dinner - Meat of some sort (chx, pork chops, grnd meat) and a salad

    Any suggestions or motivation comments?

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    For me even a small cheat seams to cause me to gain .5lbs idk why, maybe I'm just unlucky. I have to be fairly strict inorder to see the scale move in the right direction. I would suggest trying some new ways of preparingthe veggies to make them more interesting. I can only eat so many salads. Here are a few of my fave recipies.
    Steak marsala over fauxtatoes
    Asian meatballs with broccoli slaw
    Greek lamb burger with balsamic glazed carrots
    For me its been much easier to stay on plan since I amlooking forward to my meals.
    I also live in a cond so no jumping or banging caue it makes the downstairs neighbors mad. I try to do squats lunges pushups and situps whenever I dont feel like heading to the gym.
    Basically the key for me was making this process as painless as possible. Find ways to make the things you love more primal.


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      Yea, I can see that. I know when I got closer to my goal weight, even with the IFing for 22 hours, and no cheating, it was hard as heck to lose the weight.

      I keep looking up different recipes and such, I just haven't found anything that has caught my eye. It's very hard to be Primal on a budget, especailly when my little one will eat meat but nothing else healthy.

      Also, big problem I have is I became a real chocolate addict. I never really been a chocolate eater, but lately it seems I just crave chocolate chip cookies. I have cut way back to almost nothing, but my cravings are still fighting me. I have tried substituting with 2 sqaures of 78% Dark Chocolate a day (can't go any higher and still enjoy), but I'm still wanting those cookies.


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        My suggestion would actually *to* just eat meat and eggs.

        Eat only meat and eggs until you're blue in the face.

        Not only will it take away your craving for the chocolate, but you'll get
        tired of it after awhile and the your appetite will decrease.

        When you're totally bored of meat and eggs, then add other veggies and
        fruits back in.

        If you find that any of the stuff you add back in triggers your chocolate addiction,
        don't eat those!

        And I hear you on the kids.... Mine are not primal whatsoever, and for me, that's fine.

        They have the rest of their lives to figure out what's Good For Them by watching what I

        Not that I let them eat crap 24/7, I'm just saying.

        Mine are older though, almost 8 and almost 11.

        Anyway, good luck getting back on track. I'm getting back on
        track myself and it's rough!!!


        p.s. i hear you about primal on a budget too.. i've never had anything grass
        fed in my life and I still seem to be alive, so until you can afford it too, get
        them thar max packs of whatever you can find! you'll live!


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          Good point! Meat, and salad for now until I've kicked this chocolate addiction!

          Yes, my son is 8 too. I call him my little carnivore. He'll eat any type of meat I put in front of him. I put some type of vegetable in front of him, and he's all of a sudden "Full". Ha-Ha

          What are your opinions on the Primal Fuel for lunches? It's quick and easy when I only have about 30 minutes, which seems to fly by fast! I know I'm not a hugely active right now, but if that's the first thing breaking my fast after 17-18 hours, it should be ok - right? I just got the sample packs in the mail, and I'm going to try these out...

          Any other suggestions please?


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            Yeah, it's better than nothing, but not better than real food of course. So use the samples
            and then maybe ditch powders all together so you can figure out some good 1/2 hr eatable

            It's just that they're digested so quickly and then you're starving again so soon and you're like
            "hey, wait, I just drank 300 calories, why am I hungry again?"

            My 7yo is a GREAT eater, it's my 10yo that subsists on air soup and wind pie, yet STILL GROWS.

            However, he's only 60lbs, so there's that... but he's TALL.

            Whatever! Darn kids!