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What do you say to people who say, "Oh, it's like Atkins"?

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    Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
    Nowadays I no longer mention anything to anyone but I do have one lingering person who makes my life miserable any time I see her just because I was dumb enough to mention my diet over a year ago. So never mention your diet to anybody and your life will be so much easier.

    I do mention my diet to people on occasion... mostly people who haven't seen me in a year or so since I was seriously ill with brain issues.
    I saw one person just a few days ago at the grocery store and we were chatting, she was amazed how good I looked. Not only that I had lost weight, but how bright and clear my eyes looked, and how glowing my skin was... (seriously, her words).
    (She's known me and known that I've been sick for many years... of course I didn't know that it was autoimmune then.)

    I didn't use any name for my diet. I just said that I had medication, but that diet also played an important role in controlling my medical issues... zero processed foods. Whole natural foods, gluten/grain free, vegetables, fruits, and meats (including fatty ones) and some dairy. And I feel wonderful.

    Her response. "If everyone ate like that this would be a healthier country."
    “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
    ~Friedrich Nietzsche
    And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


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      Originally posted by Narcolepticjenn View Post
      Does anyone have a quick response to that, other than, "No it's not"?
      The most Primal response you can give them is a sharp punch directly to the windpipe. Then, just before they pass out, you say something witty like, "I got you Atkins right here, mother---er". That usually shuts them up for a while.


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        Originally posted by Violette_R View Post
        I say "no, not really" then explain what it really is.
        Sorry, I was being a smartass.

        When it comes up, I describe it as maximizing health by eating a diet similar to that of Paleolithic humans.


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          Atkins and Primal are perfectly compatible. I do both. Atkins is just unapologetically low carb. And I like that. Yes, they sell artificial products. Dr. Atkins did to when he was alive as the low carb craze kicked off. But the focus of the diet is whole foods. There is a max limit of 2 products per day and they are not necessary. That is made very clear. If you read the books the products are barely mentioned at all. They do advertise their products on the website (which the products pay for) but they don't really push them, IMO. In fact, the emphasis on whole natural foods is what made me seek out more information and led me to Paleo and Primal.

          Seeing as how so many diet gurus like Mark Sisson are standing on the shoulders of Dr. Atkins it would behoove people to get the facts straight about the Atkins diet, and what it still is today, before parroting the urban myth version of it.


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            Shouldn't criticise the Atkins products seeing all the ads on here for "Primal Fuel" - I mean what is that stuff? Where do I find it growing wild in the countryside so I can harvest my own?


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              It appears that Dr. Robert Atkins was an early pioneer of the Paleo movement. I'm sure he was an inspiration or at least a resource for the Paleo/Primal lifestyle. More emphasis is now placed on organic grass fed beef, buffalo, chickens, polar bears, etc...and a better quality of life! Meaning more sleep and core exercises. Also appreciating and savoring an occasional bit of dark organic $5 a bar chocolate and glass of Stags Leap Artemis cabernet sauvignon!! It's almost embarrassing how much I enjoy this once or twice a week reward with all the primal "mmmmmmmms and ahhhhhhhhhhhs!" Anyways i am enjoying this primal lifestyle! Thanks all for the interesting and educational posts!

              Oh yeah! The original question! "Oh it's like Atkins?" Just tell them "Mmmmmm, kinda only much better!"

              Also did you know the word "Organic" comes from the Latin word "Ogodomic?" means....$2 dollars more! Peace...5x


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                Thanks, everybody! Sounds like there's some controversy here about Atkins, so it wasn't as dumb a question as I thought. Mostly I think I will resist the urge to gush about PB, because people get so defensive about what they eat.

                Having said that, I cannot wait until my weight loss is noticeable, so when I am asked how I did it, I can say, "Oh, I started eating better. Tons of bacon and butter!" But I won't bring it up.


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                  I did Atkins for years. I find they are more alike than different. I mostly stayed away from the processed stuff anyways.

                  The biggest changes I have made since switching my diet are dumping diet soda, and the artificially sweetened treats(on occasion) They never agreed with my stomach anyway.

                  The main things I have added are sweet potatoes, dark chocolate, real salt, and coconut oil.

                  I would say that 90% of my diet has remained the same.

                  I don't talk much about my diet, but people are constantly commenting on how healthy I eat.


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                    Originally posted by otzi View Post
                    The most Primal response you can give them is a sharp punch directly to the windpipe. Then, just before they pass out, you say something witty like, "I got you Atkins right here, mother---er". That usually shuts them up for a while.
                    Ah, this would be so satisfying. On the canio6 satisfaction meter I give this 3 T-bones and some kale with bacon.

                    As to the OP, if I talk about it enough for someone to make a remark about Atkins, I just shrug and say, "Okay." People will research if they care or they wont. Either way, I am unaffected.


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                      The processed crap wearing the Atkins label is still better, or less crappy, than most of the stuff people eat and call food.

                      I came to Paleo/Primal through a low-carb Atkins diet. Atkins himself encouraged a more natural diet, but understood that we are weak, and offered a less-lousy alternative to cheez doodles and soda. Back in the day I carried an Atkins bar for that moment when I had to eat something and the only store around was a 7-11. It saved the life of many a Snickers bar.

                      I would not go back, but I do not regret the path that led me here today. Dr Atkins was instrumental in persuading people to question conventional wisdom.

                      Further, in his books he emphasized that his plan was not a "diet" but a lifelong change of eating strategy. He told me all about induction phase, ongoing weight loss, and maintenance. Not his fault that I lost the weight and went right back to SAD. People who follow his plan imperfectly are like most Christians, who do not even come close to the ideal but still gain something from the attempt.

                      So, my answer to the original question is "it's like natural Atkins," which is close enough for people to grasp, and allows a reasonable starting place for a discussion of how to eat for better health. Several of my family have followed a similar route to improved health.

                      No need to get all snotty. Do we want to help people understand something important, or score snark points at the expense of a chance for reasoned discourse?


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                        "Oh, it's like Atkins?"
                        "No, it is Atkins."

                        For all intents and purposes, it's Atkins with a sweet ass mythology attached.


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                          My chocolatey Primal journey

                          Unusual food recipes (plus chocolate) blog


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                            Originally posted by janie View Post
                            "Promote" is an inaccurate term. For most people CAFO meats was all that was available or that they were familiar with in the chain groceries. You are right that grass-fed was not promoted but it is only recently understood and returned to, at least in the USA. While the plan always allowed for a limited amount of artificial sweeteners, that is a far cry from their being "promoted". The current company, which obviously works at promoting an expanded list of products, is quite another story.
                            He encouraged all meat consumption. CAFO's were certainly well known about, especially by someone like Atkins. Atkins nutritionals in the 80's and 90's had all sorts of products filled with AS. Atkins himself used to brag about all the sweets his wife used to make him. The funny part about those products is that they were just as filling as a normal chocolate bar and contained just as many or even more calories. In a lot of the cases the ingedients were even worse. A snickers bar would generally be a healthier choice.
                            Originally posted by Timthetaco View Post
                            "Oh, it's like Atkins?"
                            "No, it is Atkins."

                            For all intents and purposes, it's Atkins with a sweet ass mythology attached.
                            From a lot of menu's I see posted by people here, they are basically eating the Atkins diet. Butter, bacon and cream, non starchy veges, eggs and some berries.
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                                is this the right book?
                                New Atkins for a New You, Eric C Westman Stephen D Phinney - Shop Online for Books in Australia -