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    Been trying to start go primal but don't know what to do. I am a big guy (379 Lbs) and stopped drinking soda and eating any grains at my University. My weight did start to go down but stopped. Any would be helpful

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    Read the primal blueprint and just start eating healthier. I don't know what you expect us to say...
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      Subscribe to the blog and get the primal books, especially primal blueprint fitness and the cook books. Primal 101 on the Start Here tab will tell you virtually everything you need to know about what you should and should not eat. When you go grocery shopping, stay on the outside perimeter of the store. Walk around campus as much as possible.
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        Click on the Start Here button and read everything.
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          Go to your school library and get Primal Blueprint or buy it used online. Then read the book and follow the instructions. It is a bit more than diet coke and grains. Before you go into a diet like this if you want to be successful you need to do a bit of research before you start.

          What have you read about Paleo/Primal? Are you eating dairy/drinking beer/eating fake fats/walking/lifting/sprinting/ there is a bit more than giving up grains and diet drinks.

          Any change at that side will produce results for a while but if you are not fairly perfect in this diet it won't work. It is hard to stay on a diet that excludes so much of what we eat here and if you do not take the time to educate yourself you are setting yourself up to fail.

          There are so many examples of people that have changed their bodies it isn't even funny so it will work for you. It is something you can do and such a awesome way to live. It can change your life you just have to go all in!


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            Keep learning! Congrats to you for taking steps in the right direction!


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              Don't be afraid to take it in steps. It took me about a month to convert my diet. The first week I got rid of grains, the second week I stopped drinking everything but water, the third week was sugar. After that I just focused on eliminating anything that was processed; I only went to the meat and the produce section of the grocery store.


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                Start by reading the Primal Blueprint. I read it and "The Paleo Solution" by Robb Wolf. I appreciated the premise behind the lifestyle and eating philosophy so much that I just HAD to try.

                I committed to do a month following the lifestyle as strictly as I could. I am 29 days in right now, and I will NEVER go back to a SAD diet.

                I really can't stress enough to pick up a copy of one or both of these books so that you have some good knowledge on not only what you should be doing, but also why.

                This forum has good info in it, but also A LOT of distractions! There are people here who have gone 90%+ only meat, and others who eat nothing but potato!! One just bragged that he has gone vegan lol. Personally, I don't take the advice on here to seriously unless I am looking to tweak perhaps a small detail. I stay really true to what I can verify in The Primal Blueprint directly.

                That being said, I have also found Convict Conditioning (which I am now doing) from reading the forum, and LeanGains (which I am reading and will probably explore further).
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                  Originally posted by Darwin17 View Post
                  What have you read about Paleo/Primal? Are you eating dairy/drinking beer/eating fake fats/walking/lifting/sprinting/ there is a bit more than giving up grains and diet drinks.
                  I am almost done reading Primal Blueprint and recently subscribed to Mark's daily apple. I am finding myself eating salad, fruits and juicing only because this American Catholic Seminary loves to serve grains, grains and more deep fried grains and we are not allowed to leave campus My workouts is circut lifting and jogging on a treadmill