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  • Plateau already?


    So I'm a little discouraged! I've been Paleo for one month exactly. The first two weeks I lost 13 lbs. Now I haven't lost anything for two weeks. I started measuring as well... No difference. What is up with this and how do I fix it?

    I eat plenty of good fats a day. At least 50% of what I consume is good fats from fish, avocados and coconut oil. My carb intake is only about 50 grams a day. The rest is protein. I don't eat fruit, except a handful of berries maybe twice a week in a smoothie. I don't eat nuts unless it is an ingredient... So maybe once a weekish. I don't eat Paleo treats. I drink lots of tea. Sometimes I include gelatin in my tea for the health benefits. I am using bentonite clay as a detox. I'm consuming about 1300 calories or less a day.

    My supplements include vitamin d, b-complex, prenatal, calcium, magnesium and in a few days I will be starting a supplement that helps with my PCOS and a probiotic.

    I'm working on changing all my chemicals over to natural options. Deodorant, shampoo, makeup, cleaners are all chemical free- homemade. I do still have a couple things I hairspray.

    I also lightly exercise most days. I do yoga and walk since I am trying to get pregnant. I feel like I'm doing everything right but not seeing the results.

    I have a lot to loose so i don't understand what the stall is. is there anything that I could change or tweak?

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    There will probably be some more knowledgeable and experienced people weighing in...

    What I read: You've lost 13 pounds in 4 weeks! That's amazing.
    The weight didn't come on in a short time, so it'll also take a while to come off. I try to focus on health and the fit of my clothes more than on the scale weight. Not always easy, but probably a more realistic outlook.

    Good luck!


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      It is not a plateau. It is your body thinking, 'oh my gosh, 13 pounds, I'm freaking out, let's hold on to the status quo for a bit until I see what is happening here.'

      Check back in two more weeks, and you will likely see another drop.

      If you go three months without change, THEN it is a plateau.

      Always ask yourself, 'am I feeling well?' Then, whether it is a normal pause or a plateau, it makes it easier to bear.


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        that first 13 pounds was probably more water weight than anything else. fat loss takes a lot more time, particularly to see on a scale. try taking some measurements (waste, wrist, thigh, arms, etc.) and check again in a few weeks to really see how you're progressing.


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          1300 calories seems a bit low. Maybe your body needs more calories since losing 13 lbs and your body is freaking out going into starvation mode? You didn't say how much you weigh, so it's hard to tell.


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            Ok... So here's the deal... I weigh 220 and I'm only 5'1.... So I could loose a hundred lbs. when I lived I. China for three years and cut out gluten... Basically I only ate a lot of rice for grains. I got down to that weight. When I came back I gradually gained all that weight and stress contributed to it as well as PCOS. I eat tons of fat... I mean 50 to 60 percent of my intake is fat... Really, how much more should I be eating? I do take measurements and I haven't seen any difference.

            I feel great.... Well except for today... Today I feel like crap. Thinking I might be starting... Because it has been a while and the whole Paleo thing is suppose to be regulating me. I've been taking magnesium and drinking red raspberry leaf tea to help out so maybe this is a contributing factor to the last two weeks of not loosing. I know that at what point a woman in in her cycle contributes to the weight loss. I've also been a bit more hungry... I want to eat everything in sight now .... So I might be going over my 1300 but haven't tracked it for a couple days. Thanks for the advice. I am def sticking with it... Even if I don't see the scale budge, I know this is a healthier way of life.