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    Originally posted by Jer37208 View Post
    I've never bought in to that spoiled feeling or even "survivor's guilt" because my food bill is higher than other people's. I work hard to maintain my chosen lifestyle and reap the health rewards accordingly.
    OK, we've established that I'm prone to feeling guilty. But having experienced true survivor's guilt, I want to point out it's not quite the same thing. When a natural or other disaster hits and kills, destroys homes, or causes other hardship for even people who took steps to prepare, it's luck of the draw. It's got little to do with working hard.


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      first of all, you live in NYC... no matter where you shop, food is expensive.
      Whole Foods here isn't even necessarily more expensive than the "regular" grocery stores, and in the 'hood where I live, it's mostly bodegas anyway.

      I don't feel guilty about buying the expensive stuff for myself and my family. $100/adult per week is NOT outlandish by any stretch, especially given that you live where you live. I also spend probably $10/cat per week (no grain wet food + non-chemically treats, catnip, etc.), which I've been told is a lot, but our health and happiness is more important than what other people think.
      I DO hate serving the expensive stuff to guests/friends who just don't get it and/or don't appreciate the quality... does that make me even MORE of a snob?