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    With all of the flu talk in the news lately makes me highly appreciative of primal living. Knock on wood, I've been following primal for over a year now and haven't had ANY flu or seasonal allergy issues. I'd like to think that its attributable to the primal diet rather than just getting lucky.

    I wonder if there is any correlation over time with the increase of grains/processed foods consumption and the number of people that get the flu. Did people get the flu in the 50s and 60s as often as we do today?

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    Well, people got the flue mondo style in 1918/1919.

    Processed foods probably have an impact on disease resistance. Sugar has been implicated as an immuno-suppressant. The SO certainly gets sicker, and she consumes more sugar.

    Similar to you, I don't really "get ill". Not as a result of the PB, though; just that I appear to be more resistant. Picked up sometime in High School, or there abouts. Could be just that I consume more local pathogens, or otherwise expose myself more.



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      Being healthier gives you immune system more strength to fight, it doesn't mean it can fight off everything. It's like cancer, you can only do your best to avoid your risks, but ultimately it's up to your body. I like to think I'm giving my body a fighting chance by treating it right, the rest is just pure luck.
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        I have to knock on wood too. Everybody at work has taken their turn to drop like a fly over the last 2 months by getting ill with 1 of the 4 viruses out there right now. My wife and I are just not getting sick.
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          I went Primal May 2012, and since I am the chief shopper, menu planner, and cook, took most of the household food with me. Usually we get so sick that 6 weeks of the winter is lost to us, either being in the catching-it phase, actively flat on our backs, or that really long, drawn-out mountain climb back to health. This winter - nada. Two of the kids spent a day or so resting, but that did the trick. Next day they were up and at 'em.

          If this is what the Primal does for the immune system, I will keep Primal just for this benefit alone!
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