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  • Hemorrhoid question

    I've asked this many times in many places, including my doctor's office and no one knows. I've pretty much given up on getting on answer but here goes.

    Does anyone know why my hemorrhoid goes nuts when I'm losing weight?

    I had to put some Thayer's Superhazel on it in the middle of the night because the itching was driving me berserk, then got on the scale at the gym this afternoon. Sure enough, three pounds gone. It's pretty consistent. It's kind of a silver lining situation because when it's driving me crazy, at least I know I'm losing weight. But I've never stopped wondering WHY.

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    I used to get the anal itching some times when I lost weight. Just a guess on my part but I believe when you are losing weight, your gut biome and the acidity/alkalinity balance of your large intestine likely change causing the itching. I find when I avoid dairy (milk chocolate is enough to affect me sometimes) and eat a bit higher fat diet it helps. A good probiotic may make a difference.
    I find a bit of coconut oil applied externally helps. You may have to experiment a little to find relief.
    good luck


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      Huh. So are you saying it's maybe not actually my hemorrhoid causing the itching? That never even occurred to me.

      I've been taking a probiotic for three weeks - the one my gastroenterologist recommended. But I guess just because doctor recommended it doesn't mean it's good.