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The growing popularity of Paleo/Primal

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  • The growing popularity of Paleo/Primal

    Just sharing a moment that made me realize how popular this way of eating is becoming these days.

    A little background:

    I go to college in a small town in Macomb Illinois (Western Illinois University). I'm in the athletic training program here and part of my graduation requirement is to get 800 hours of clinical observation with the various sports teams here, so I spend a lot of time around the athletes. As is expected, most of these kids still eat the junk food because they're young and exercise constantly so they can get away with it. However, some of the athletes are gluten free and even fewer are grain free yet I had never seen or heard of anyone who was Primal.

    The other day I was in one of the athletic training rooms getting ready for men's soccer practice and noticed a primal fuel shaker sitting on the counter, but didn't see who it belonged to. Anyway it's cool to see stuff like that when you don't expect it. Anyone else have similar stories about noticing more and more people taking up this WOE?