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Cholesterol bad am i?

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  • Cholesterol bad am i?

    Hi there!!

    After being off primal for about a year i am now wanting to start again so,i got my cholesterol checked,which is what i was concerned about the most. Here are the results:

    Cholesterol: 274
    Triglyceride: 134
    HDL: 59
    VLDL 26.8
    LDL calculated:188.5
    HDL risk factor 4.7
    LDL/HDL 3.2

    What i want to know is how bad are these results? Your help will be greatly apreciated!

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    Multivariate regression has found the values most predictative of disease to be HDL then TG. Both your HDL and TG are within the desirable range. Your total cholesterol and LDL are high, but studies have found these values to correlate much less with cardiovascular disease.

    Unfortunately, your doctor will interpret these numbers as high and give you a statin (at least in the US). Doctors here look at LDL as the most important number and will give you a statin if your LDL is even a little over ideal. They do not understand that there are good and bad forms of LDL, and that studies have shown repeatedly that LDL is a poor predictor of morbidity and mortality. In fact, very low LDL has been linked to increased disease.

    I noticed you are from Puerto Rico, perhaps doctors have a different algorithm there. In any case your numbers are solid (not spectacular). Getting back on primal should bring a noticeable improvement to your numbers, especially HDL - the most important factor.


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      So these numbers are not that bad? They would be better with lower LDL and TG,and higher HDL? Thanks for the reply!


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        Hello again!

        Almost three months have passed since my last lipid check up so today i went and had it checked again to track my progress...

        LDL Calculated:225.6
        HDL Risk Factor:5.1

        I've been eating mostly paleo all the time but,i do admit that i don't eat grass fed since i have no access to it and have been supplementing with fish oil caps 3 times a day. I've been eating low carb with my first meals of the day which consist of fruit or some type of tuber (yukon potatoe or sweet potatoe or similar) and green leafy veggies at night. Protein and fat in every meal. Fat sources i add are butter or olive oil aside from the fat already in the eggs or meat consumed. I've been hitting the weights hard (HIT style) twice a week but no cardio yet. Have lost much body fat already but only about 5 pounds of total body weight. Now...I'm confused!! Why would my LDL elevate so much and also my total cholesterol? My Trigs did go down which is good(i think) but the LDL is what concerns me. Maybe i should drop the butter or use less? You should already know what my Doc is telling me...
        Any help would be greatly appreciated...thanks!!


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          Your TC and LDL are probably too high. Let's see what competent people say. If I remember it correctly, Jaminet doesn't like TC above 260, and Attia (I was scanning today) orders to reduce LDL if it's too high. I have both too high, but they are slightly lower than yours.
          How's your T3? There seems to be some connection between low thyroid and high LDL. I have low t3.
          End of my knowledge.