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Garden store and minimalist work shoes

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  • Garden store and minimalist work shoes

    It's looking like I'll be switching jobs again to a more physically demanding career. Lots of lifting and moving around. But seeing as it will also likely include possibly daily moments of having to step in water I was wondering what kind of minimalist shoes would work, if any. It will be in a garden type facility. Sneakers I see all over the place so minimalist sneakers no issue, but with my vibrams the only drawback is stepping in a puddle. As far as merrels and others go, do they let water in easy?

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    What about divers booties or the shoes surfers wear? Granted, they may have durability issues, Additionally, they may have shoe requirements (ie OSHA regs etc for steel toed boots)


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      Doesn't vibram make shoes specifically for the water?


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        You could probably go either end of the spectrum. I'm sure Vibram makes shoes that will keep the water out, or you could get a shoe like one of the vivobarefoot models that have holes in them (if you take the liner out I believe) so the water will get in, but also get out very easily.


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          If you're looking for a full-on boot, the Belleville/ Tactical Research Mini-Mil is pretty awesome. They are warm-weather boots, and aren't completely waterproof, but they've been pretty good to me the past few months.

          If you just want a cheap pair of shoes, try Feiyue from Amazon. It's a chinese wushu/kungfu shoe that's pretty decent and super cheap.

          I'm sure that at least some of the VFF's are waterproof, if that's the way you want to go. Most of the others that I've seen (Merrells and New Balance) are built like regular sneakers on top.


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            Gotcha. And yeah, I thought about the requirements, so my choice will either be made for me; if it is, the one bonus is at least I won't be sitting all day long.


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              I'm sure Vibram makes shoes that will keep the water out