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Cholesterol Denial Disorder

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  • Cholesterol Denial Disorder

    Hi new here.
    I have been reading up at the 614 section of the library, the great influenza, the fourth horseman etc., feeling grateful for plumbing and windows, and I thought you all might get a kick out of this one. It's Mass Listeria: The meaning of health scares, by Theodore Dalrymple for some dry humour regarding epediomology, causation & correlation, and health anxiety. If I may quote "In a world so full of hazards that substances which we have been thoughtlessly consuming for years (coffee, for example, or salt) may yet turn out to be the principal undercover agent of the Grim Reaper, it is likely that not only will worrying about imaginary illnesses be counted an illness, but not worrying about them will be likewise counted an illness – Denial Disorder, perhaps. Delusions of health will afflict not only those who feel well at the present moment, but those who fail to recognise the dangers by which they are surrounded, and who stubbornly fail to accept the evidence published daily in the newspapers and broadcast daily on the television and radio that they are beset by a host of hidden enemies." Watch & wait - your doctor might come up with a new term for us high cholesterol, fit & well folk.

    Edit: ...Or maybe that's just me! I think too much.
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