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Protein requirements for men

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  • Protein requirements for men

    Just wondering what would be the protein requirements for a man who is of normal weight (lower end) and reasonably active, but doesn't currently work out.

    It seems he hasn't been eating enough (gets busy during the day), he eats what I cook for breakfast, and dinner.
    I know his carb requirement a much higher than mine, we will set his to 100-150 g a day.
    Just trying to work out what ratio of fat and protein for him.

    We worked out his BMR to be about 1600 and multiplied it by 1.55 to get his maintenance calories (2400 approx).
    He won't be always tracking but we just want to make sure he is getting enough.

    Any help would be appreciated thanks.
    Various websites give different calculations for protein needs. I know we will need to try an amount and tweak as needed, depending on how he feels. But just wanting a starting point. Thanks.

    height - 172 cm
    Weight - 61 kg (could prob gain a little).