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Kidney Stone Stuck.

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  • Kidney Stone Stuck.

    I need advice on a stuck kidney stone. It hit me with pain on December 11th. Several days later I was in the ER. I have had a 3mm stone 8 years ago that I passed with no problems. This stone is 4mm and they felt I could pass it. If I didn’t I was to go to a Urologist. It didn't and I went to the one the hospital recommended. He gave me Flomax which I was on for 17 days.

    The stone is stuck in the left ureter a couple of centimeters from the bladder. There have been several xrays over the past few weeks to show this. The Doctor stated it was likely not to move anymore and that laser outpatient surgery is needed along with a temporary stint. He is very hard to talk to about this. By this I mean he is removed and seems jaded. He offers no advice and it is like pulling teeth to get anything out of him. He told me if I left the stone in and if it blocked the ureter I could face kidney failure.

    My wife is concerned due to horror stories she has read about infections from stints. We had a family member almost die from a stint infection. We used to have group health insurance through my wife until her company went out of business. We currently have an individual policy with a high deductible. That deductible reset on January 1st. The Doctor said the estimated cost of the laser treatment is $13k-$17k. So with the ER from December and then this we are being hit twice.

    For alternative treatments I have tried the following:
    -8oz of lemon juice followed by an oz of lemon juice each hour for a total of 12 hours. Each one was mixed with 8oz of water.
    -After several days of that I then went to lemon juice & olive oil. 2oz ea mixed together several times per day.

    Any advice is appreciated. I am in no pain nor suffering any other problems. Anyone that has had a stone stuck in them? How long and were there any problems? Is there anything else I can do?

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    Sorry to hear the lemon and olive oil aren't helping. My friend's hubby had good luck with it.


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      Do you know how long he took it before it passed?


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        Ive taken DH to the emergency room several times for kidney stones. its the worst pain he's ever had, so you have my sympathy.

        DH does the lemon juice and olive oil as a preventative. It seems to be working. But that's as a preventative, or at the start of any hint of pain.

        Has your doc given you flowmax and superduper painkillers? Your tubes need to relax.

        Good luck!


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          Sorry, I see now you did have flowmax.


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            The lemon oil and olive oil cure seems to be what finally got my stuck stone to pass (or it was co-incidence). Did you always follow the lemon/oil with a full glass of water?

            If you are not in any pain, is there a reason they are concerned that it is not stuck? The one I had stuck caused me agonizing pain for about 6 weeks. It was 4 mm and did eventually pass. But if it is not hurting you, then it should be fine.
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              Jammies, yes I do a glass of water after the lemon/oil. How many times a day did you do the lemon/oil? There has been an xray each week and for the last three weeks it has been in the same spot. It stopped hurting in week 3 right after I started on the Flomax. I asked the Doctor about the lack of pain and his answer was that my body has adjusted to the stone. I had followed up on that question by asking if I can leave it there and not worry about the stone. He said that the stone could block the flow of urine from the left kidney causing the poison to build up and face kidney failure. That is what scares me.


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                Whether or not lemon juice will work or not depends on what type of kidney stone it is.
                There are several types...
                Do you know what kind of kidney stone you have?

                If it is a calcium oxalate stone then the citrate in lemon juice should help dissolve it and make passing it easier, or allow it to break up for passing.
                The other types citrate is useless on.

                Kidney stone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                I take two medications that cause calcium oxalate stones so I drink lime juice in all my water intake daily... no sighs of any crystals on lab tests so far much to my doctors surprise... I also avoid high oxalate foods... so this is a topic I'm familiar with.

                Knowing what type of stone you have is half the battle.

                The oil won't do anything. It never makes it into your kidney/bladder/urethra. It's the effect of the citrate on the calcium oxalate stones that is the action. So if you do know you have a Calcium oxalate stone simply add lemon to your water, drink it, and keep adding it... repeat until the thing passes.
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                  cori93437, my prior stone was the common one, calcium oxalate. So I assume this one is the same. I have been drinking lemon juice for the past three weeks. Only this past week have I added the olive oil. How much lemon juice do you advise I should do and how often? Thanks!


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                    As I've never had a stone... I'm practicing stone prevention instead of removal... all I know about is the action by which it should work.

                    If it is a large stone it will take time to eat it away.
                    Also... I advise you to keep the lemon juice in your water all day so that the citrate stays in your urinary tract all the time, or as much as possible.

                    No guarantees of course.
                    Plus if you are consuming high oxalate foods you body could still be trying to lay more crystals down while you are trying to erode it.
                    A very frustrating cycle I would guess.
                    I know from talking to others who have passed stones that they have no timetable... there is no watch you can set by them.
                    “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
                    ~Friedrich Nietzsche
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                      I've heard of people passing stuck stones after using the ingestable fleet laxative. Not sure why it worked but that's what I heard from a friend that used it.


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                        The oral fleet laxatives are magnesium citrate... all forms of citrate that you can get into you will help.

                        I wouldn't put drinking one of those at the top of my list of ways to do it though.

                        If you try it don't go far from a toilet.
                        I've had to use those prior to medical testing before and Holy OMG...
                        They clean you out!

                        Another easy access form of citrate that you can take without those effects is Potassium citrate.
                        You can get that at any health food store in capsules.
                        I also take that daily, but bear in mind that I take a medication that causes me to deplete potassium I have to take it to replace. If I don't I get hypokalemia symptoms.
                        I do not however think that it would be a problem to supplement some potassium citrate short term to help pass a stone(say 200-300mg 2-3 times per day)... especially if you are drinking a lot of water and urinating frequently, which you certainly should be.
                        “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
                        ~Friedrich Nietzsche
                        And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.