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  • what podcasts do you listen to?

    I like to listen to podcasts when I walk or use an indoor stationary exercise contraption. What primal/paleo type podcasts do you like to listen too? I need a change from the technology ones I usually listen too and I want to learn more about primal living.

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    I like to listen to Jimmy Moore livin la vida low carb. His guests are always very interesting. His latest podcast was with Mark Sisson.


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      These aren't food related, but they are the three podcasts I love the most. RISK!, The Moth, and This American Life. All story telling. I used to love Zen and the Art of Triathlon for cycling, but I can't seem to find it any more. (It's more about his life in general, health, diet, family, philosophy...) And Three Wine Guys.


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        Originally posted by Nanci View Post
        These aren't food related, but they are the three podcasts I love the most. RISK!, The Moth, and This American Life. All story telling. I used to love Zen and the Art of Triathlon for cycling, but I can't seem to find it any more. (It's more about his life in general, health, diet, family, philosophy...) And Three Wine Guys.
        The Moth is awesome!! Hubby and I went to the Pittsburgh show last year live, and had a blast!! I even got the tshirt!
        I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC


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          I love "Wait wait! Don't tell me" (NPR weekly quiz/talk show), Steve Runner's Phedippidations (love running!) and I just discovered Robb Wolf's podcast (paleo). Robb Wolf and his sidekick are funny (to me) and they talk about some crazy-@ss nutrition and workout details. Mostly way too complicated to me, but interesting.
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            I discovered The Paleo Solution podcast with Robb Wolf & Greg Everett a couple of months ago and devoured all 166 episodes. It's a great show and I like the fact that it's uncensored. Then I found Paleo Talk with Sarah Fragoso & Chrissy Gower. Also very good but they're only up to 29 episodes. I've been listening to the Paleo Lifestyle & Fitness podcast with Sarah Fragoso & Jason Seib lately and also getting into Chris Kresser's podcast. Jimmy Moore's livin la vida low carb show has 645 episodes but I've only listened to three so far because I just found it. I work a boring desk job 8 hours a day so listening to podcasts is what I do to pass the time and learn some valuable information at the same time. It's almost like listening to a book. Out of all these Robb Wolf's is my favorite.
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              Paleo Lifestyle & Fitness
              Zen Cast
              San Francisco Zen Center
              Rochester Zen Center
              The National Archives Podcast (UK)
              London School of Economics Public Lecture series to name a few


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                The Paleo Solution. The end.


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                  My List:
                  FYI: I ride the bus/drive for about 10 hours a week. And I usually get about 10 hours of exercise/walking a week. Plus I listen to everything on double speed (my brain has adapted to fully understanding and absorbing the information that quickly, its cool)

                  America's test kitchen:
                  People call in and ask two professional chefs/food experts about food and cooking. They also interview chefs, nutritionists etc.

                  An American Atheist:
                  A radio show about atheism and religious criticism. They generally have interesting/funny topics (latest one was about atheism being an echo chamber)

                  Ardent Atheist with Emery Emery:
                  An irreverent and slightly blue-comedy atheist podcast.

                  Ari Shaffi's Skeptic Tank:
                  This guy is hit and miss, but he has some amazing interviews for being a stoner comedian. Ex. A four hour in depth interview with a professional prostitute, an interview with someone who was subjected to shock therapy, an interview with a couple that was in the holocaust etc.

                  Astronomy Cast:
                  An astrophysicist and her parter talk about all kinds of cosmology stuff. They successfully bring everything down to a layman level.

                  The Atheist Experience:
                  A live call-in atheist show. The debates with theists and others are golden. Great show.

                  C-Webb's Sunday School:
                  Short episodes that focus on specific parts of religion. 10 commandments etc.

                  Caustic Soda:
                  They reduce disgusting and horrible subjects down into an entertaining and funny hour long show. I highly Recommend.

                  Church of Awesome:
                  A mock church, where the priest and parishioners discuss all sorts of issues. Movies, skeptical issues, religious issues, general questions etc.

                  Cognitive dissonance:
                  An irreverent and informal look at current events. Funny as hell. This podcast causes me to look crazy on the bus.

                  Common Sense with Dan Carlin:
                  Dan Carlin is a political and historical enthusiast, and he always has a unique view on political happenings and current events.

                  The Complete Guide to Everything:
                  Tim and tom cover an issue every week, and they rarely if ever stay on subject. They are ignorant, ridiculous, and hilarious.

                  A podcast that asks "what is the harm?". Interviews with people that have experienced the harm pseudo-science can bring.

                  Dan Carlin's Hardcore History:
                  Dan Carlin goes in depth into historical issues, the world wars, the death of Rome, the rise of the khans etc. He makes them interesting and in depth. One of the best historical podcasts out there.

                  Dogma Debate with David Smalley:
                  He tries to bring people on his show that disagree, creationism vs evolution etc. He also has interesting interviews with people that went up against the forces of religious indoctrination etc.

                  Double Feature:
                  The hosts look at two movies every week and review them.

                  The Dumbasses Guide to Knowledge:
                  A skeptical podcast, usually covering the ancient aliens show, but often delving into other areas of skeptical interest.

                  F this podcast:
                  Similar to Cognative dissonance, as mentioned before in this thread. But with more veering off point.

                  The Fat-burning Man show:
                  Interviews with athletes, nutritionists, personal trainers etc all about being healthy and losing weight.

                  Fat 2 Fit HQ:
                  Two fat guys losing weight and podcasting the whole experience. They review weight loss books, shows, and movies as well.

                  The Film Vault:
                  They do interesting "top 5 lists". Top 5 mentally ill characters, top 5 anti-heros, top 5 movies robbed of an oscar win, top 5 movies you wish you could see again for the first time etc.

                  Godless Bitches:
                  Atheism and skepticism, with a feminist bend.

                  How did this get made?:
                  A bunch of tv personalities and comedians review and make fun of movies that are so bad, they are good.

                  The Imaginary Friends Show:
                  Entertaining and funny, they always have good episode themes. Last episode was "Christian sex advice for women"

                  In our times with Melvyn Bragg:
                  Bringing together professors, scientists, and experts to review an issue. recent episodes include "skepticism" "the scientific method" etc.

                  The Infinite monkey Cage:
                  Brian Cox and others discuss physics, science, and current events.

                  Intelligence Squared:
                  Oxford style debates on Americas shores. Most recent episode is interesting "Does science refute god"


                  K-12 Greatest hits:

                  Life, the universe, and everything else:

                  Live, Love, Eat:

                  Nerdonomy: Nerds on history:

                  NPR: Intelligence squared:
                  The original oxford debate podcast. A long catalogue of great episodes.

                  Paging Dr NerdLove:
                  Dating, sex, and love, through a nerds eyes.

                  Paranormal Skeptic Academy:
                  A critical, skeptical, and scientific look at ghost hunting and ghost hunting media

                  The Partially Examined Life Podcast:
                  A philosophical podcast, they bring everything into laymans terms.

                  The Podcast History of the world:
                  From the big bang to modern times, a step by step look at human evolution and development.

                  Podcasters Roundtable:
                  A podcast for podcasters. A group of podcasters look at podcasting issues.

                  Psychology in Everyday life:
                  Everyday issues and the psychology within them, great stuff

                  Red Friend, Blue Friend:
                  Two exaggerations of republicans and democrats try to remain friends in the modern world. Weekly calls to each other.

                  Skeptically Speaking:
                  A skeptical look at current events and science.

                  Skeptically Yours with Emery Emery:
                  An irreverent and slightly blue-comedy skeptical podcast.

                  The Skeptics Guide to the Universe:
                  You know

                  A Skeptics Guide to Conspiracy:
                  A skeptical look at popular conspiracy theories. A bit dry, but informative.

                  A 10 min-ish look at loads of skeptical issues.

                  The Strength of Evidence Podcast:
                  A scientific and critical look at exercise and nutrition

                  The Thinking Athiest Podcast:
                  A self-introspective man looks at many atheist topics, life problems, etc. Very well done.

                  The Titanium Physicists Podcast:
                  Three physicists explain a physics concept to a normal person, using often hilarious and helpful metaphors and explanations.

                  The Unbelievable Podcast:
                  Three average dudes, not skeptics, not conspiracy theorists, look at conspiracy theories.

                  The Weekly Weinersmith:
                  Weekly interviews with researchers about their research.

                  Why You're Wrong:
                  A review into how people get specific things wrong. Good show for the skeptically minded

                  99% Invisible:
                  The design and engineering behind everyday things.


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                    i think so,His guests are always very interesting. His latest podcast was with Mark Sisson. thank you