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Anovulatory Cycle-->IBS/food intolerance/seizures?

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  • Anovulatory Cycle-->IBS/food intolerance/seizures?

    I've been tracking that I tend to have an anovulatory cycle every other month now (I'm 35). I'm pretty sure my last cycle, which just ended today, was anovulatory as well. This past month I had a mini-seizure and have had extreme IBS ever since what should have been my mid-cycle ovulation. I've also only been able to tolerate eating meats/fats/eggs in this time period.

    Has anyone experienced similar symptoms and/or have you seen studies posted online relating any of these occurrences? I'm thinking that the months I ovulate and have my hormones more in balance are the same months that my eating can be more varied without causing disturbances.
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    Interesting. How do you know when a cycle is anovulatory? Temp tracking?

    I don't have a TOM any more (thank goodness) but back in the day I used to get a seizure just about once a month. I'm hoping the hormonal changes of menopause are helping me to grow out of my seizures as often happens in pediatric epilepsy once the child hits puberty.

    Because of questioning this I have done quite a bit of research into epilepsy and women's hormones and have found the literature to be very sparse in this area. We need more female neurologists.


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      Hi PB!
      I can often feel myself ovulate---and months that I dont, I have a decreased sex drive AND I have a very heavy period. They say anovulatory estrogen breakthrough periods tend to be that way. i'm also dealing with EXTREME fatigue this month.

      Right...I'm wondering if my seizure will worsen leading up to menopause as they've all been linked to my cycle in the past (beginning at puberty). I really hope this isnt the case and want to focus on what I can do to ensure I'm ovulating more months than not. Wonder if Keto helps with this as well?
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