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Primal friendly restaurants while on holidays

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  • Primal friendly restaurants while on holidays

    I think it's everybody's concern here to stay as much primal as possible even while on holidays. Or at least, for me it is

    I have been thinking alot about a collective project to list all primal friendly restaurants where we live or restaurant we find while traveling abroad, with name, lat/long and one row of comments (or website where available). The idea is to make a continuously growing POI file for Google Earth which can also be exported to mobile devices or handheld GPS navigators.

    I am available to take the ownership of the file maintenance and will try to regularly post updates. I hope I'll have a lot to do because it will mean that the list is going to be huge

    I start.

    From my recent trip to Paris, the city of french croissants and baguette, I have been very lucky to find the following address:

    Name: Charbon Rouge
    Lat/Long: 48.868983N 2.304113E
    Notes: Argentinian grill with big choice of meat. They also have roasted bone marrow as starter, a must try
    Website: CHARBON ROUGE : les Viandes du monde grillées au charbon de bois

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    Paris (France) again, another excellent and primal friendly restaurant:

    Name: J'Go
    Lat/Long: 48.872576N 2.340421E
    Notes: Grilled lamb, potatoes fried in duck's tallow, sourdough bread
    Website: Restaurant JGO Toulouse, JGO Paris Drouot, JGO Paris Saint-Germain, gigot, agneau, poulet du gers, porc noir...
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      In the U.S. it's hard to find a more Primal restaurant than a Mongolian Bbq. You choose from a wide variety of meats, seafood, and veggies then you take your selections to the cooks and they toss it on a 700 degree flat top grill. You just need to avoid the sauces they offer and unfortunately I have yet to find one that has organic choices.


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        If anyone is going to San Diego on vacation:

        The Rei do Gabo Brazilian curascurio in the Gaslamp Quarter on 4th (my favorite serious pig out spot)
        The Burger Lounge grass fed burgers, several locations in town including corner of 4th and University (and they do lettuce wraps)
        The Wellington high end steak house serving grass fed (but very pricy) on Washington Street
        The Range american "grill" serving free range chicken and beef on University Ave
        Toro Asian buffet in Mission Valley Shopping Center. Not everything is Primal but, if you are in the mood to eat a $100 worth of sashimi for $25 great. Also great salads.


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          Thanks for the suggestions, but I need the lat/long. The idea is to build a file with GPS coordinates to be loaded on handheld devices, so that when people are around can quickly find it

          Name: Rei Do Gabo
          Lat/Long: 32.715244N 117.160968W
          Notes: Brasilian Curascurio

          Name: Burger Lounge
          Lat/Long: ??/??
          Notes: Grass Fed Burgers, they do letture wraps

          Name: Wellington High End Steak
          Lat/Long: 32.749697N 117.169764W
          Notes: Grass fed steak (very pricy)

          Name: Range American Grill
          Lat/Long: ??/?? SORRY I CANNOT FIND IT
          Notes: Free range chicken and beef

          Name: Toro Asian Buffet
          Lat/Long: 32.768682N -117.148669W
          Notes: in Mission Valley Shopping Center. Not everything is Primal but, if you are in the mood to eat a $100 worth of sashimi for $25 great. Also great salads.


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            How about the Houston/Galveston area??


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              The Burger lounge is at the corner of Fourth Avenue and University Avenue. But this is a whole chain all over SoCal: Burger Lounge

              The Range has just finished moving from one spot on University Ave to another. Welcome To the Range Hillcrest: Cage Free. Grass Fed. Craft Beer. Local Wines.


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                Originally posted by goinggrok View Post
                How about the Houston/Galveston area??
                Fogo de Chao, but it's quite expensive ($45+ for dinner). Locations | Fogo de Chao

                Pretty much any churrascaria (Brazilian steakhouse) is very paleo friendly, because they bring just meat to the table and you can pick what vegetables you want off of the salad bar, and omit the rest. A few of the meats may be in a sweet sauce but it will be obvious. You can have as much of the good meat as you want and not take any you don't want.

                In Albuquerque, the local churrascaria is Tucanos and we love it a lot, very often go there for special occasions, and it's much cheaper than Fogo de Chao (half the price). I am very partial to the Lobster bisque there; I end up dipping all my meat in it...

                Find a Tucanos Near You | Tucanos Brazilian Grill - also in Boise, Provo, Salt Lake City, Colorado Springs, & Newport News Virginia.
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                  How is the app building going? I seen a similar type of thing where people can upload good foraging locations with GPS. Maybe not utilised as much as it could be as people often wish to keep these locations to themselves! Your idea should work for shops/restaurants etc. though.


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                    Originally posted by sossidges View Post
                    How is the app building going?
                    I gave up. As you mention, people seem to be keeping their best restaurants for themselves

                    Technically, the GPS mapping of primal/paleo friendly restaurants was just the starting idea, but, similarly, we could map all spots where people can find a pullup bar, parallels, rings, etc in open air, and do a workout for free while on holidays.


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                      I just go to a steak house, honestly. When I'm on vacation I don't sweat what kind of oil they use, so I just decline the bread and get extra veggies. Voila, paleo! Or if I go to a fancier place I get things like the lamb shanks, mmm... and fancier places often use butter, I can taste it.
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                        Portland, OR has a paleo food cart that I tried last year - the Cultured Caveman. Grass fed chili, bone broth, paleo salads, and bacon-wrapped dates. Yum.

                        Paris has a gluten free bakery (Helmut Newcake) and a certified gluten free restaurant - don't remember the name, but google will tell you. Not paleo, really - but a step in the right direction.


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                          Elevation Burger. Grassfed beef, option of a lettuce wrap...fries are fried in olive oil. We have them here in Miami and I'm sure they're other places.


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                            The RedHot buffet in Cardiff has several dishes where use of veg oils and stuff is little to none and the staff are happy to explain what's in each dish:
                            And Lilo's steak house is good too: cardiff lilo steak house - Google Maps
                            And the sizzle and grill's challenge sounds cool: cardiff sizzle and grill - Google Maps

                            Pretty much every Indian restaurant has Primal-friendly options and several have open kitchens, like Mirchi's: (The photo is of their fast-food restaurant, but the main restaurant is directly opposite and fabulous.)
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                              Originally posted by Kochin View Post
                              The RedHot buffet...
                              Hi Kochin, thanks! That's what I need for the file of Points of Interests: a name, a latitude and a longitude. "Just go into the nearest churrascaria and throw the corn" does not help me

                              I'll try to release a file soon, even if so far I have only a dozen of addresses, people will eventually get interested.