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I'm ok with Vegans until........

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    Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
    Classy armchair, classy dog, classy owner, all goes together.
    Make America Great Again


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      Originally posted by Legbiter View Post
      If we speared and ate all the vegans we'd cut down on monocultural soya and grain fields with their pesticides, loss of biodiversity, fertilizer pollution, soil depletion, etc, etc.

      Save the planet, spear a vegan.
      Yeah, it's vegans saying stuff like that about omnivores that drove me away from veganism.


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        Originally posted by AMonkey View Post
        Vegan is healthy though...compared to SAD.
        I've always thought it was kind of funny that raw foodists and paleo/primal people hate each other so much when our diets have more in common with one another's than either does with SAD. Don't get me wrong, I understand WHY there's so much conflict between the two groups. I still think it's ironic, though. I mean, paleo is basically raw plus meat and fire.


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          My vegan friend tries to convince me that his way of eating is the right way to go. He keeps trying to get me to read The China Study to prove his point. Luckily we can agree to disagree since neither one of us is going to change.