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For those going soap/deodorant free...

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  • For those going soap/deodorant free...

    The (surprisingly recent) history of antiperspirants!

    How Advertisers Convinced Americans They Smelled Bad | History & Archaeology | Smithsonian Magazine
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    I don't need any convincing to tell me that the guy sweating away next to me at the gym smells bad, let me tell you.
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      It took a few months (I was fairly sweaty when I first went Primal, it being summer and all, so I could tell!), but now I use a crystal deodorant stone and it works very well to cut odor. If I'm active, I use it twice a day (morning & evening), and I don't get beyond a slightly sweet sweaty smell. Nothing faint-worthy.
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        I just use water, in the shower. Lotion would also work, and does when I'm not so lazy.

        I use soap, actually, but not to shave.


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          A checkout clerk at Whole Foods tried to convince me to use coconut oil as a deodorant, so I tried it. OMG, my pits smelled like a big soft rotten coconut at the end of the day. I smell better not using anything at all. Sometimes I use Tom's of Maine, but I prefer to go without- still, we're so used to not smelling people so that when we do, we REALLY do.