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    As I recall I did not crave carbs while pregnant nor did I have morning sickness, thankfully as I was working as a chef at the time and had to handle some pretty strong smelling stuff, filleting fish, cutting up huge hunks of meat. I distinctly remember enjoying the prime ribs I roasted on Fridays, true I had them with a baked potato with lots of sour cream, but that wasn't the main attraction for me.
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      So they did a survey to collect data about what types of food they craved/had aversions to. The results were almost universal; they craved dairy and carbs (including fruit) and had aversions to meat and vegetables.
      That describes me 24/7/365. Pregnant or not, I want dairy and fruit above anything else, and fish. If I had no health and aestetic concerns, I would mostly eat fish, fruit and yogurt
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